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FBI raids home of conservative activist, ‘America’s Mom’ in connection with investigation into Mesa County election data leak

My American mom, Sherona Bishop, said in an interview that she strongly believes the raid was to intimidate and
“America’s Mom” ​​Sherona Bishop said in an interview that she strongly believes the raid was to intimidate and “shut up” For her support of Mesa County Clerk, Tina Peters, who Bishop says is one of the only elected officials in America with ‘indisputable evidence’ of what Dominion and the Secretary of State did to interfere in the election, citing the 29,000 deleted election records that Peters turned over to Mike Lindell. Prior to his cyber seminar in August. Photo: Interview with journalist Sloan Rushmuth.

Mesa County, Colorado – home of Sherona Bishop, conservative activist (www.americasmom.net) and former campaign manager for U.S. Representative Lauren Poubert, was recently raided by the FBI, with Bishop and authorities painting very different pictures of how and why the Colorado resident’s home was entered and searched.

On the one hand, Bishop claimed she was only harassed for being an outspoken opponent of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and election integrity; On the other hand, authorities claim that Bishop may be somehow involved in the theft of Mesa County election data.

That’s pretty clear: On Tuesday, November 16, FBI agents filed a search warrant at Bishop’s home, entered the house, and proceeded to conduct a search. At the time, Bishop and her family were there, including her husband and three of her four children. However, the details of the raid and the interaction between FBI agents and the Bishop family vary greatly from there.

Bishop shared her account of how events unfolded that day With Brannon Hoss, President and Founder at Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network, where she portrayed herself as a dedicated mother who is persecuted for speaking out at local school board meetings against mandates to hide COVID-19, as well as her beliefs that the 2020 elections were “stolen” from former President Donald Trump for alleged election fraud.

This video should be watched on the Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network: https://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/exclusive-colorado-mom-becomes-first-parent-have-her-door-broken-down-doj-and-fbi-target

Bishop alleges that at 9:30 a.m. that morning, FBI agents used a disturbing ram to open her front door, then broke into her and her husband’s hands with handcuffs; In addition, she said that the agent “rough handling” her 18-year-old daughter by dragging her up the stairs next to a hoodie.

“There was some pounding on my door. I didn’t really know what to think, at first I thought it might be some kids from the neighbours.” “They were bombing profusely, and then the FBI hit me. I took my kids to their bedrooms. They used a ram to break my door and they cuffed me. Then he proceeded to search and go to my whole house.”

Sherona Bishop – [Listen to the Interview]

Bishop said no reason was given for the raid — which saw FBI agents search the entire house — though the agents left paperwork on the note upon their departure, which she said she claimed involved, “Deliberate damage to a protected computer and fraud and conspiracy to harm a protected computer.”

However, Bishop asserts that she did nothing wrong, and that she was unfairly targeted by US Attorney Merrick Garland, Who issued a note in October Aimed at parents who make “threats” To the school board members after a written letter to the president requesting their treatment According to the capabilities Domestic Terrorists.

“I’ve been available and transparent to any organization that wants to talk to me, and I even started a briefing in September with Mesa County and DA officials to provide election information,” Bishop said. “Although I have gone to great lengths to be transparent about my positions, the Biden administration’s Department of Justice [Department of Justice] She carried out her threat to begin terrorizing parents who dare speak for their children and challenge the integrity of elections.”

Sherona Bishop – [Listen to the Interview]

However, in a radically different way, The FBI claims That the raid was just part of a series of search warrants executed regarding illegally leaked data from Mesa County, Colorado relating to the 2020 presidential election, which was then delivered to what they described as QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Copies of hard drives for voting machines were presented in Mesa County as part of Mike Lindell’s webinar in August, as part of his ongoing – and currently unsuccessful – effort to prove alleged voter fraud that cost former President Donald Trump a second term in the White House.

FBI Colorado election writer Tina Peters’ home raided on November 16 in connection with the leaks; The same day, the homes of three of Peters’ accomplices – which the FBI said included Sherona Bishop – were also searched. Bishop’s alleged role, if any, in any Mesa County campaign data leak is currently unknown.

Currently, none of the individuals whose homes were searched have been charged with any crime, although authorities say an investigation is underway.

Bishop’s allegations that a ram was used by federal agents to get into her home and that she and her husband were handcuffed have not yet been addressed by the authorities; In addition to, Tina Peters Legal Defense Fund It was claimed that the four people whose homes were raided on 16 November were subjected to such treatment.

The fund alleged “large teams of heavily armed federal agents, using a heavily armed ram to break down doors, raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and several of her friends and colleagues, most of whom were elderly women in their mid-sixties.”

However, Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein and Colorado District Attorney Phil Weiser denied the allegation that the searches involved significant use of force and maintained that the judges had legal clearance.

“At no time was force used against Mrs. Peters or her home,” a joint statement from their offices said. “Multiple sclerosis. Peters was allowed to walk around her house and make her breakfast while clients collected things before leaving.”

Bishop ended the interview saying that she strongly believed the raid was to intimidate her and “shut up” For her support of Tina Peters who Bishop says is one of the only elected officials in America to have done so “Conclusive evidence” From what she claims Dominion Voting Systems and the Colorado Secretary of State did to interfere with the election, pointing to the 29,000 deleted election records that Peters took it upon themselves to back up, before and after a system update, one she says removing the files was her job to ensure they remained safe.

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