Fault-like motion collides parts of the market

The hardest aspect of correcting the market is that the advantages of the individual stocks you own do not matter to you and will not protect you.

We’re seeing an almost crash-like move in some market areas on Monday, and strong fundamentals don’t matter when this type of selling occurs. Market players just want to raise money and stand aside until some signs of support appear.

While this procedure is very painful if you are holding thicker stocks without bidding support, the good news is that many of the “good” stocks that take a big hit will eventually bounce back. Both the good and the bad are hit right now, and when the market sorts them out at some point, better names will attract buyers.

There is no easy way to bounce back time in this environment, but the key thing is to be patient and not rush to put more capital into the business until there is some strength. The snap action can happen quickly when things get too stretchy, but it’s even more difficult when some extreme spinning has occurred.

While some stocks are already experiencing bearish market moves, this is not at all evident in the indicators, and this makes forming bottoms more difficult and developing pullbacks from panic levels.

My small stocks are taking a heavy hit today. There is some I want to add at the end, but I don’t do that right now.

There has been a lot of talk about the cost of many uppercase letters, but this certainly does not apply to many lower and middle uppercase letters.

We had some similarly bad action in February, and that sounds pretty similar, but I don’t think we’ll have to wait months for a bounce this time around.

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