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Farnoush Trabi joins CNET as personal finance expands

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On tax day last year, CNET launched personal finance. Our mission has been to help you make better financial decisions in a world where technology and finance often intersect. What we didn’t know was how important this was as the pandemic spread.

For over a year, our teams have published countless guides to help you navigate your finances during this time. via guidesAnd commentators And calculatorsCNET’s book focused on actionable advice our readers can make to improve and share their finances, lives, and lives.

Today, this team is growing exponentially. Farnoosh Torabi joins CNET Personal Finance to bring its expertise and excellent coverage to the CNET audience.

Farnoch, the best-selling author, brings with her a popular podcast, even moneyIt has been downloaded over 18 million times. On it, she has Candid conversations with people like Queen Latifah, who shared how we can promote greater equality in the workplace and close the racial wealth gap. So Farnoch has withdrawn from her life, Dedicate an episode to explore how her immigrant parents He left Iran during the Islamic Revolution to start over in America. On Fridays, she gives back to her listeners by answering their unique financial questions.

Farnoosh joins us on our mission to provide you, our readers, with tips and perspectives that will help you own your money. We want to help you make the best decisions by telling you what matters, when it matters, and how to take action. At CNET, Farnoosh will continue to produce Her successful podcast and provide her personal financial advice.

We are happy to bring Farnoch on board. Her accessible expertise, outstanding perspective on personal finance topics, and passion for interacting with readers and listeners will help define and shape CNET’s personal finance because we – And the rest of CNET – Grow fast this year. Please join us in welcoming Farnoch!

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