Fans of the war god Ragnarok are terrified at the slightest detail.

God of war The fans are small but healthy. Ragnarok, the god of war. Description, in part because it is the type of detail that often separates great games from the winners of the Games of the Year. Last month, PlayStation and Santa Monica Studios finally unveiled the new. God of war Play with a few pieces of gameplay footage. And inside this gameplay footage is the above mentioned detail, which has just been seen.

Go to Twitter, one. God of war The fan revealed that there is a doodle of Atrius and Kratos traveling to the top of the mountain during the first game of the first game. As some fans have pointed out, he made the same doodle on his own vibration in the first game, but that’s actually wrong. It’s the same, but it’s not the same drawing that makes it even more impressive. This sequel would have been able to use the exact same shiver and most players would not have noticed, but Sony Santa Monica decided against the easy route.

Of course, such details hardly affect the quality of the game, but they almost always indicate the quality of the game. Whether Ragnarok, the god of war. It remains to be seen whether the 2018 reboot will be able to be left behind, but it seems that a lot of attention is being paid to detail and resources are being poured into the sequel, which means that it will be the 2022 Game of the Year. Early favorite.

Ragnarok, the god of war. It is set to be released worldwide via PS4 and PS5 on an unknown date. The current expectation is that the game will be released sometime next year, but this has not yet been confirmed. For more coverage of the game and everything on PlayStation, click here.


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