Fans can be banned from attending sporting events if they refuse to receive the vaccine

Australia may be one step closer to implementing the use of vaccine passports at major sporting events and concerts.

An increasing number of countries are shifting towards allowing only vaccinated people to attend events such as concerts, sports matches and travel abroad.

Speaking to the Today programme, the two facets of Australia’s vaccine launch – former Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Cutsworth and Vaccine Task Force Leader Lieutenant General John Frewin – indicated that Australia could go down the same path.

“I think we will definitely see different levels of freedom associated with the people who are vaccinated,” Dr. Cotsworth said.

“We don’t want to exclude unvaccinated people from whatever they need to do in society… Certainly at sporting events, I agree 100 per cent that vaccinated people should be allowed into the crowds.”

But General Froen stressed that while no decisions had been made yet, people should use them as an incentive to get vaccinated.

We’ve seen these types of actions abroad. I don’t think anything has been settled in this regard yet,” he told Nine.

“But, of course, I mean, in the future, there will be benefits to vaccination. I think there will be requirements for vaccination in certain circumstances.

“So, again, if you’re still considering getting vaccinated, I urge you to do so.”

Scott Morrison announced Friday that Victoria, the Northern Territory and Tasmania have formed a working group to develop a plan to exempt vaccinated Australians from the restrictions.

Mr Morrison said on Monday that people who took steps to protect themselves and the community should be rewarded.

It has nothing to do with politics or liberties or anything like that. It’s simple, if you’re vaccinated, you’re less at risk for public health,” he said.

Therefore, vaccinated people took steps to protect themselves and others around them.

“So in this circumstance, it only makes sense that wherever you take this step, there will be exemptions for you. If you don’t, you are at risk of getting it and suffering from severe illness and worse.”

It comes as the president of Venues NSW, Tony Shepherd, said the authority would seek government approval to request vaccination passports as a condition of purchasing NRL, AFL or cricket tickets.

“If you choose not to have an injection hit, that’s your civil right in a free country, but the Delta bloodline is highly transmissible and we need to do something to reopen our stadiums,” Shepherd told the Daily Telegraph.

“Places have to say you can’t attend. Easy like that. Getting the fans back into the sport is important, but we can’t put the fans at risk.

“It would be a huge incentive for people to get vaccinated.”


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