Fans accuse PC game of dropping Dane drop and giant consensus, accusing it of “affecting performance”

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Fans accuse PC game of dropping Dane drop and giant consensus, accusing it of “affecting performance”

Expansion / Humanity This week, the latest DRM tragedy story touches on Denvo.

For many years, PC gamers have been wondering whether anti-qualification solutions like Denver are on track for game performance, as solutions work in the background in search of piracy-related flags. In the jungle, the tests of sports related to Denver range from unshakable to harmful.

This week, the debate for Denver makers escalates further: a video game developer has taken the rare step of abandoning the DRM platform for the PC version of its upcoming game, and Therefore, the performance issues related to Denver have been held fully responsible.

Amplified Studios, a French studio known for exclusive 4X strategy games from PC, had earlier announced that its next game, Humanity, Will ship in August 2021 with the implementation of Denver. It prompted a post on Amplified’s official forum entitled “The Day Amplified Breaks My Heart”, in which fans declared their love for the pre-Amplified strategy game and then expressed their frustration. What Humanity It had a Denver tag on its Steam page.

After just pointing out their differences with Denovo’s approach, including the block of offline gameplay, fans offered a reasonable level of request: “To be fair, I fully understand why Denovo was chosen. Was done (probably by him) [Amplitude studio owner] Sega). I understand how important it is for sales to protect the game around the release, but please consider removing the parasite after a few months! “This request supports the decisions of other game publishers to remove the Denver concerns after the PC game launch window.”

“We’re taking it out.”

Dimension co-founder and CCO Roman de Vibert de Gilans responded to the thread on Thursday, July 15 with a surprise announcement: Fans won’t have to wait “a few months” to see Denovo removed ۔ Instead, Humanity No Denivo will launch with implementation on August 17.

At his company forum, de Jalens admitted that business affairs followed Amplitude’s original decision: “We’ve been one of the most coveted games on Steam this year, so we know we’ve been through pirates. It will be targeted, far more than any of our previous games, “he writes. “If Denov can stop the cracked version, even for just a few days, that can really help us keep our start safe.” (This is especially a sales pitch for Denvo’s game publishers, even in a market where cracks last less than a day, leaving a negative amount of time.)

But in the end, his teammates felt that they could not justify his involvement after taking part in the affair. Although de Janles admits that there is a possibility that his team may have included Dino in the game without affecting PC performance, tests conducted during the June closed beta showed that the performance It was huge – and it’s “nothing we can fix before it’s released.” , We’re taking it out. “

In other words: when a Dino is left with a choice between improving the process and delaying the start of the game without Dino at all, Amplified chose the latter.

Humanity Gameplay Demonstration, March 2021.

“Our priority is always the best possible experience for the players who buy our games and help us,” de Janes writes. “Denvo should never affect the performance of the players, and we don’t want to sacrifice quality for you guys.” Then, the title creator edited the title of the thread to read, “The day Amplitude broke my heart (and the way they reconnected it).”

Interestingly, the post went live just a day after Capcom’s confession, which is due in May 2021. Resident Evil: Village Performed poorly on PCs with anti-PCS protection – a combination of Denov and Capcom’s own proprietary DRM system. Cape Com did not initially respond to our July 12 report on the matter, which included strong confirmation of the performance gap between the retail and cracked versions. RE: V After the video analysis of Digital Foundry on this issue was live on PC, the developer finally got bored.

Denov’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Urs Technica.

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