Famous children’s artist Tony Jr dies after battle with Covid-19

A famous wizard famous across the Northeast has died after a battle with Covid-19.

The tribute inundated Tony Jr. who will leave an “impossibly large gap in the lives of everyone who knew him”.

The child artist had previously told his fans through it Facebook social networking site The page you were admitted to the hospital with Corona Virus In early August.

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He said in a post: “I’m only writing this because anyone who fears a vaccine, you need to know what could be an alternative for you.

“Every apprehensive person has their story. I don’t preach, I just tell you my experiences.

“It’s Russian roulette. Take the vaccine or take your chance Corona virus disease.”

Tony was a much-loved magician who rose to fame thanks to his appearance on the Channel 4 series Seasiders in the late 1990s.

Tony had told his fans on Facebook that he had been hospitalized due to the virus

After appearing on television, Tony continued to perform and run events throughout the Northeast and was a well-loved local celebrity.

Tony has spent decades performing family shows across the region, including at South Shields amphitheater.

James Byatt, Secretary Newcastle Magic Circle He praised: “Tony Jr will leave an impossible gap in the lives of everyone who knew him.

“Tony was a first-class professional artist, a wonderful teacher and magician, but above all, he was our very best friend.

“NMC wouldn’t be the thriving club it is today without Tony’s passion and enthusiasm.

Tony Jr. has put smiles on the faces of many families throughout his career.
Tony Jr. has put smiles on the faces of many families throughout his career.

“Tony has spent many years serving on the board as our secretary in which time he has helped grow the club and all of its members.

“Tony has always been one of the biggest and brightest personalities in all of our meetings and has played a vital role in all of our successes.

“From offering encouragement to our new members to providing support to elderly members who are no longer able to attend meetings.

From creating strong ties with other magical clubs and communities around the world to reshaping and hosting our annual dinner, Tony has been at the heart of it all.

“Tony was very loved by everyone who knew him as evidenced by the many, many compliments that magicians and artists send from all over the world.

“TJ will be greatly missed by all of us and his memory and spirit will continue to live on through NMC.”

The performer starred at events such as Kids Fun-Fest and Tommy’s Party in the City, which were held as part of South Tyneside Council Festive events programs.

The council has now paid tribute to the man who has put smiles on the faces of many families during his career.

mayor South TynesideCouncil member Pat Hay said: “We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of children’s artist Tony Jr.

“Tony was highly respected in the entertainment industry and was very well liked by South Tyneside fans.

“We will definitely miss his great performances full of fun, games, magic and mayhem.”

Tony is survived by his wife Claire and an animal lover has been set up for the charity Bryson Animal Shelter in Gateshead, a cause close to his heart.

To donate, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/friends-fans-of-tony-junior

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