Fairphone extends software support similar to Apple’s iPhone-Tech Crunch.

Fairphone, a Dutch social enterprise dedicated to making consumer electronics (more) sustainable and ethical, including by supporting repairability so that consumers can keep their hardware longer, has launched Android for the six-year-old Fairphone 2. 10 public testing announced.

Owners of modular handsets that were first released in 2015, running Android 5, will be able to upgrade to Android 10 (Release Date: 2019) in early 2022, Fairphone announced today. Announcing the beta rollout of the upgrade.

Fairphone stopped production of Fairphone 2 in 2018 (but did not support it) – Fairphone 3 (in 2019), Fairphone 3+ (also available as a modular upgrade to 2020, 3) and Earlier this fall, Fairphone 4, its first 5G handset – which it said would be supported by at least 2025.

Looking ahead to next year’s Fair 10 update to the Fairphone 2 – which means it will be supported for a total of seven years – 2025 seems like a conservative estimate of when the owners of the Fairphone 4 will Expect software support up to

Fairphone says it has partnered with its own user community for the Android 10 upgrade project – and with Bharthavi Prakash, a software developer in India, who says he volunteered as an open source giant. Works on – and by doing so it says he was able to smooth. Follow through and reduce the time required to upgrade.

So while the first Fair Phone 2 OS update (on Android 9) took 18 months, this time the process has been reduced to 10 months.

Google, meanwhile, is pushing for the release of Android 11 (2020) and Android 12 (last month) – to realize how far behind the Fairphone 2 upgrade is from the latest OS releases.

“The company has learned a lot from the Android 9 upgrade and although it is still complex, Android 10 was more predictable than Android 9,” Fairphone noted in a press release, which noted the longevity of the software and Agnes Krypt, head of TK, was also quoted as saying: “Our unique approach to software has allowed us to help our users keep their devices as long as possible. The community is pleased to be able to provide another software upgrade, which has reached its goal of providing at least five years of support for our phones since its launch, and with the Android 10 upgrade, we We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves and the industry, showing that it is possible to make things more sustainable in software.

Seven years of collaboration puts Fairphone into Apple iPhone software support time Spain. But of course one can expect less than a year of love from the average Android based handset software – usually Android smartphones only get three years of support. So this is a great achievement.

And while the FairPhone is now only catching Apple on the longevity front of software, it is many years ahead of Capertino in another way: hardware durability through repair through modular construction and spare parts directly to consumers. Offer

Earlier this month, Apple announced that, starting next year, it would launch a “self-service repair” program – sending spare parts and repair tools to iPhone and Mac users to perform basic repairs at home. Can

This is by no means the complete modularity by the company which – historically – has been hermetically sealed, stupidly thin, often preferred. Literally Sticky shutbox, but it’s a small step in a more durable direction. And one that Fairphone has long since launched.

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