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Faceemask missed call in overtime has Patriots In Uproar fans – CBS Boston

FOXBORO (CBS) – The Dallas Cowboys were responsible for much of the laundry being dumped on the field throughout overtime Sunday over the Patriots’ win at Foxboro. But it was one penalty mark not thrown that caused a stir in New England.

At least roughly, that is. Because everyone is voicing their complaints on Twitter, about everything.

But they have a case, and a strong case. The missed call was big, coming in early in overtime due to New England’s only possession of the extra tyre. Nelson Agulor went for a pass in the third and third play, but did not get Mac Jones’ offer. He never had a chance to get that pass as Dallas linebacker Anthony Brown knocked out Aguluor’s face mask while the ball was in the air.

After a missed face mask penalty, Jake Bailey hit the ball wide for the New England Cowboys and the Cowboys won seven plays later when Dak Prescott hit CeeDee Lamb at 35 yards.

Perhaps it didn’t help the New England case that Agulor didn’t complain about the missed call. Weeping for officials does not always pay off, but mentioning one’s condition never hurts. But he did not peep after the play.

This won’t be much loved by Patriots fans, and his touchdown on Jones won’t pass first before a few times play. In New England’s first overtime game, Jones went to the veteran’s wide receiver, who had plenty of room in front of him. But Agulor dropped the pass and a chance to capture some serious yards in a must-position.

The Patriots didn’t say much about the missed call after the game, and they focused more on what they need to do moving forward.

“You can’t blame everything on the referees,” quarterback McJones said. “We have to move on and find ways not to be in this situation.”

The Cowboys took 12 penalties on Sunday that cost them 115 yards. But it was a missed call that angered New England fans at the officials. You can see all the rage on Twitter, and most of it isn’t print-friendly.


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