Facebook Messenger is getting built-in bill splitting feature.

Facebook’s parent company Meta is introducing a built-in bill splitting feature in Facebook Messenger that it will test with users in the United States from next week. This feature can be useful for situations like sharing a restaurant bill with your friends or sharing a bill with a roommate.

This feature allows you to ask people for money in group chat and see who has paid their share of the request. You can see how it all works in a series of screenshots below the meta. The feature comes shortly after the announcement of the departure of David Marks, the former head of Meta Corruption and former head of Messenger.

Facebook Messenger feature for future bill distribution.
Photo: Meta

Meta has also added new group effects, allowing people to use the same augmented reality effects simultaneously on Messenger and Instagram video calls, created with popular creators. Three are now available, including one that looks like your connection is buffering with Zach King, and one from Emma Chamberlain will arrive on December 6th.

Meta has also recently introduced a new “sound wave”. Are affected by two. Strange things (Before the new season next summer) and the one that runs a clip from Taylor Swift’s “Red”.

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