Facebook is reportedly forming an election commission, which it will announce in the fall.

Facebook is considering setting up a commission to look at issues related to global elections on the platform. New York Times. Facebook has spoken to academics and policy experts about the commission. New York Times The announcement is expected to be made this fall before the 2022 US midterm elections.

As the Independent Monitoring Board helps review content moderation appeals, it looks like Facebook could ask the Election Commission to make some decisions on election content. This can reduce the perception that decisions about Facebook content are politically biased, a common criticism of the company by conservatives. However, it is unclear whether the ECP will operate with the same level of independence as the oversight board.

Facebook declined to comment.

If Facebook is considering creating an election commission that acts like an oversight board, it could indicate that the oversight board is taking some pressure off the social network about moderating content and that Maybe he wants to do the same with election related issues.

That said, the watchdog has come under some criticism of its own – conservatives were not happy with the board’s decision that Facebook could uphold former President Donald Trump’s ban, for example. But an election commission can help Facebook make the case that it is choosing politics over election content.

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