Facebook banned the app’s creator, which made Facebook less toxic.


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A developer who created a browser extension designed to help Facebook users reduce their time on the platform says the company banned it and threatened legal action.

Louis Barclay says he created. Follow everything. Help people enjoy Facebook as much as possible, no less. Its extension, which no longer exists, allows users to automatically follow everyone on their FB account, thus eliminating it. Newsfeed feature, One of the more bizarre, addictive parts of the company’s products. Feed, which allows uninterrupted barrage. Targeted ad, Empowered by followers, not friends, even. Without it, Users can still view the profile they want and visit the site as usual.

Barclays says the purpose of the feedback was to allow users to enjoy the platform in a more balanced, targeted way, rather than blindly engaging in constant engagement. Facebook’s algorithm.

How did Facebook reward Barclays for trying to make its user experience less toxic? Well, first he removed it from all his platforms – locked it from his Facebook and Instagram accounts. After that, he sent her a block and stop letter, threatening legal action if she did not stop the browser extension. Ultimately, Barclays said he was compelled to do so, and that following everything no longer existed. He recently wrote about his experience. An option for slate., Says:

If someone builds a device that makes Facebook less addictive – a tool that allows users to take advantage of the positive features of Facebook while limiting their visibility to the negative ones How will the book respond?

I know the answer, because I made the tool, and Facebook crushed it.

Barclays says the trouble started when he was approached by researchers. The University of Newcastle in Switzerland, which wanted to use the extension of its browser to help study the level of happiness of Facebook users because of the newsfeed feature. He says Barclays complied, but the company contacted him shortly afterwards with a legal threat. Facebook accused it of violating its terms of service and demanded that it never create a tool that would interact with Facebook or many of its other services in any way.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and we will update this post when they do.

The news of Barclays’ trial comes at a time when Facebook is in trouble, possibly its worst PR crisis. Through a recent whistleblower scandal that started. A series of The Wall Street Journal articles are now complete. Bravo of Congress., The social media giant is facing a difficult time recently. Above all, the company suffered. A global stalemate Through something earlier this week. Massive configuration fuck upThe likes that are now appearing. To Happening again, At least in some parts of the world. The company may have shown some goodwill by removing Barclays from the hook, but sadly, their decision to clean them up seems to fit the course perfectly.


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