Extra… Ahmed, Tech Crunch Live – Check out the amazing speakers who have joined us on Tech Crunch.

It’s been an extra summer. We’ve heard about how to build your pitch deck around something that really attracts an investor, and how retail zip line’s Melissa Wong picked up her Series A in an emergency. Marked on each box.

We’ve also taken a look at the Disrupt Startup Street companies in our summer episodes of Extra Crunch Live: Startup Street Edition.

But there is more that has come this fall. Check out the incredible speakers who have joined us on the upcoming episodes of ExtraCrunch Live, without further ado.

Oh, and by the way, we’re changing names. From now on, ECL will be known as TechCrunch Live. Here’s why: We felt that walking around with TechCrunch in this context should be accessible to everyone. We interview startup founders and investors to learn how the deal works, and there are people in the audience pitch to get expert advice from our guests. Everyone should benefit from it.

Because of this, we’re calling the series TechCrunch Live, because the live event hasn’t been an EC member in a long time. Although the live part is free after registration, TechCrunch Live video replay will be behind the paywall.

So, let me try again.

Speakers here are joining us on TechCrunch Live in October.

Nicole Quinn (Light Speed ​​Venture Partners) + Vlad Novakowski (Lunch Club)

October 6 – 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

Nicole Queen, a partner at LightsSpeed, has helped her career reach her target audience on digital platforms. Its portfolio includes Cameo, Zola, Gop, Quiet and House Laboratories. Listen to Queen and Lunch Club founder Vlad Novakowski on how they got together for Startup Series A, and get their impressions on your startup’s lift pitch!

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Image Credit: Lights Speed ​​Venture Partners / Lunch Club.

Sean Caroline (Menlo Ventures) + Chris Burt (Chime)

October 13 – 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

Led by Chris Burt, Chime has raised 2 2 billion, valued at 25 25 billion. Listen to Burt, investor and Menlo Ventures partner with Sean Caroline, share how the company received its initial funding and how it has developed since then. Caroline and Burt will also listen to the audience live and give their opinions.

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Image Credit: Menlo Ventures / Chime.

Mark Goldberg (index) + Jessica McKeller (pilot)

October 20 – 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

Jessica McKeller’s pilot has taken over an old school business (taxes, bookkeeping, etc.) and made it easy through software, with more than ڈالر 160 million in funding. The index led the company’s A and B rounds. At TCL, we’ll hear why the index doubled from partner Mark Goldberg, and McKeller, and they’ll give feedback directly from the audience on the pitches.

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