Extinction Rebellion protester criticized in fiery climate change controversy | United Kingdom | News

Former Labor adviser Richard Power Said called Dominic Samuels “pathetic” after she said his allegations were “nonsense”. Environmental activists took to the streets of London for the fifth mass protest of “Extinction Rebellion”, targeting the “root cause” of the climate and nature crises. Speaking on talkRADIO, Ms. Samuels said: “First of all, comparing what Extinction Rebellion does to Suffragettes is absolutely ridiculous.”

Mr. Said interjected, “What are you talking about, the world is on fire! This is really pathetic.”

“You make me so angry. There are people dying all over the world because of climate change.”

Host Robert Rinder added: “Anger doesn’t help, I think we need to listen to Dominic.

“Just pause, listen and listen for a second.”

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Mrs. Samuels continued: “Richard, you look really pissed off with your mouth, I think you need to calm down.

“You are a prime example of what the problem is because if anyone really tried to address some of the silly points you make, you would freak out.”

Demonstrators blocked roads in central London, including around Trafalgar Square, as they called on the government to immediately end investment in fossil fuels that lead to climate change.

Activists also erected a large pink structure at the intersection of Long Acre and Upper St Martin’s Lane with the words “Come to the Table” written to highlight the right that everyone should have a say in how to tackle the crisis.

Another 40 people were arrested in the Extinction Rebellion protests as the group’s work continued in central London.

The Metropolitan Police said the arrests were for a variety of offences.

This means that as of 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, the total number of arrests during the three days of Extinction Rebellion activity is 102.

This includes 10 Sundays and 52 Mondays.

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