Explosion at Kabul airport: 13 US soldiers killed after an explosion at an evacuation site


At least 90 people, including 13 US soldiers, were killed in bombings and gunfights abroad Acceptance airport Thursday.

Suicide bombers linked to the Islamic State are believed to have detonated two devices near crowds desperately trying to flee the country and the Taliban.

The terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack, which wounded at least 143 Afghans.

in a televised address to the nationUS President Joe Biden told those behind the airport attacks: “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will chase you and make you pay.”

The bombings were followed by a shootout outside the airport, the commander of US Central Command, General Frank McKenzie.

A US official told Reuters that the death toll in the United States had risen from 12 to 13 and was likely to rise further. More than a dozen were injured.

The Ministry of Defense said it was believed that no British troops were injured.

Smoke rises from an explosion outside Kabul airport

/ AP

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said two explosions occurred near the airport, which is at the center of US and British evacuation efforts.

He said: “We can confirm the killing of a number of US service members in a complex attack today on Kabul airport.”

A number of others are being treated for wounds. We also know that a number of Afghans fell victim to this heinous attack.”

He added that one of the explosions occurred “in or near the Baron Hotel”, while the other explosion occurred a short distance away at Abbey Gate.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps has issued a Notice to Aviation (NOTAM) advising airlines to avoid Afghan airspace below 25,000 feet after the explosions.

The Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter: “No casualties have been reported from the British Army or the UK Government following the events in Kabul.

British forces work closely with our partners to provide security and medical assistance.

Thousands of Afghans have been gathering at the airport for days trying to flee the country since the Taliban seized power earlier this month. Western countries have warned of a possible attack.

The bombings came shortly after A . was shot Italian Military transport plane taking off from Kabul airport.

An Italian journalist who was on the plane told Sky24TG that the plane was carrying nearly 100 Afghan civilians when it came under fire minutes after takeoff on Thursday.

“The pilot responded quickly and performed maneuvers to avoid being hit within minutes of taking off from Kabul. There was a bit of a panic,” the journalist said.

A source in the Italian Defense Ministry appeared to support the initial report, adding that the plane was not damaged in the accident.

But the agency later reported that Italian intelligence believed that shots were fired to disperse the crowd near the airport, citing a government source.

Pressure to complete the evacuations intensified as the August 31 deadline approached for Western forces to get as many people – and themselves – out of the country as possible.

Canadian Forces halted evacuations of about 3,700 Canadian and Afghan nationals on Thursday, saying they were staying for as long as possible.

“We wish we could have stayed longer and saved everyone,” Acting Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre told reporters.

In a warning Wednesday night, the US embassy in Kabul advised citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and said those already at the gates should leave immediately, citing unspecified “security threats”.

Britain also asked people to stay away from the airport area. Armed Forces Secretary James Hebby said intelligence about a possible suicide attack by Islamic State militants had become “more assertive”.

“The threat is credible, imminent and deadly,” Hebei said Thursday morning. “We wouldn’t say this if we weren’t really concerned about Islamic State presenting an unimaginable target.”


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