EXCLUSIVE – Senator Blackburn calls for Biden to be appointed as special advisor to China

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told Breitbart News Monday night that she believes Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint a special counsel to investigate President Joe Biden’s family members’ dealings with the Chinese Communist Party.

“I think what we know or what we can speculate by looking at all of this is that it is appropriate and the attorney general should appoint a special counsel to investigate what happened with Biden Incorporated and Hunter Biden and James Biden and Joe Biden and their business dealings with China,” Blackburn said in an interview Monday night. Communism and the Chinese Communist Party.

Blackburn’s interview came after the Breitbart news on Sunday night published A 2019 document from the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware shows that the IRS, as part of a criminal investigation into the president’s son, Hunter Biden, subpoenaed JPMorgan Chase for the financial records of Hunter Biden, President James Biden’s brother, their associates Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin, and a number of Business entities in which they participated.

From the report:

An IRS criminal investigation into Hunter Biden — President Biden’s son — appears to have called a grand jury since May 2019, according to a classified subpoena filed with JPMorgan Chase. The subpoena also seeks bank records for James Biden, the president’s brother, which appears to be the first time another member of the Biden family has appeared in connection with the investigation.

The document, obtained by Breitbart News, specifically requests information about related transactions between JPMorgan Chase, which the document calls the “correspondent bank,” and the Bank of China, which the document calls the “origin or beneficiary bank.”

Blackburn said those subpoenas, along with what was disclosed in a book by Breitbart News Senior Shareholder and IGA President Peter Schweitzer Hurt: How the American elite got rich to help China win, and much more, they began to paint a bigger picture of the Biden family. She said these new discoveries, after those that appeared via Hunter Biden’s laptop in New York Post In the run-up to the 2020 election and from leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s former colleague, Bevan Kone, he, among other sources, began offering a snapshot of how Biden is doing.

“The picture that seems to be building is that Biden Incorporated has focused on dealing with these foreign entities, and we see that Hunter Biden is somewhat central to this, and then you have Joe and James Biden and other families that want to think that you have to be involved in this through the Biden Company. Incorporated,” Blackburn said. It’s annoying and troubling, and it’s not in the country’s good. This is why we need to go ahead with a private advisor. We need to appoint a special advisor and investigate what exactly happened to these business transactions.”

Blackburn, a member of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, told Breitbart News that she has reviewed the documents published in the Breitbart News report and believes President Biden “owes an explanation” to the public about all this — but she believes he will. unable to do so, therefore the appointment of a special advisor is necessary.

“When I look at your story and the documents in there, I feel the president owes an explanation, but we know it’s going to be difficult to achieve, so it seems appropriate to appoint a special counsel to get to the bottom of what happened with these business dealings,” Blackburn said. China is on Air Force Two with his father on an official visit. We know that he went ahead with the meetings and did not want the intelligence service to accompany him to those meetings. So, he must be there, for the sake of the American people and to answer these questions, there must be a special counsel To review this, and if this investigation is still ongoing, we hope to hear from the grand jury in pointing out some of the information they have and the next steps they will take.”

In addition to the individuals mentioned in the document, and the transactions and banks involved, including the Bank of China, Breitbart News reported late Sunday, the document also lists several business names in the subpoena: Owasco, Skaneateles, RSP Holdings, RSP Investments and RSTP II. Alpha, RSTP II Bravo, Seneca Global Advisors, Aqaba International, Rosemont Seneca, Burisma Holdings, Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity, Robinson Walker, Hudson West, European Energy and Infras Group Limited and Bladen Enterprises Limited.

Asked about the inclusion of all of these entities by federal authorities in one place in the grand jury subpoena, Blackburn told Breitbart News that she believes this criminal investigation is a complex and ongoing.

“It appears that they have sufficient information that they have proceeded with the subpoena to JPMorgan Chase, and that you believe this remains an ongoing and active investigation,” Blackburn said. “Looking at all the information now gathered in one place would lead me to believe that the appropriate step would be for the AG to appoint a special counsel to investigate these business dealings because if you look at what happened with communist China, with Russia, with Burisma that was there in Ukraine , and anything else that might be involved in this, it’s important to get to the bottom of this. I think you’re looking at the fact that Joe and Hunter Biden are intertwined in these business deals. You have photographic evidence of Joe Biden attending some Hunter events. You want to get to the bottom of something event, shaded by these business deals, how they benefited from these business deals and what is the continuing affiliation of Hunter Biden or of James Biden to some of these foreign entities at this point.”

In addition to her call for Garland to appoint a special counsel, she expects Garland to face serious questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee—particularly if Republicans regain a majority in the Senate. But Blackburn wants Americans to see action now, and not have to wait until next year, so she argues that the appropriate next step before voters approve the upcoming midterm elections is for Garland to appoint a special counsel now.

“AG Garland comes before us regularly for hearings and review and it would be appropriate to question him about this,” Blackburn said. “Even before that, without waiting for the majority to be restored and waiting for us to get the gavel, it would be important to get some clarity on this situation. This is a very real problem. When you look at the amount of scrutiny that has been put on President Trump and his family and the accusations that turn out to be information Misleading with all that about Russia, it wasn’t true. Here, you have these allegations about Hunter Biden and Biden Incorporated. Now, James Biden is drawn to it. The answers should come sooner rather than later. If we don’t get them, then surely. It would be appropriate. fully for the Senate Judiciary Committee to proceed with hearings addressing the question of what actually happened about these interactions that Hunter Biden and Biden Incorporated had with these various foreign entities.”

Blackburn also said that the inconsistency between these documents along with the fact that Biden completely lacks action on holding China to account is “disturbing.”

“When you read the documents, and I’m glad you all were able to come up with them, but when you read these documents and you realize that they have had these interactions with the Bank of China, that is of course concerning,” Blackburn said. What are some of the things that have really frustrated the American people this year? Joe Biden did not hold China to account. Covid-19 is something that has cost hundreds of thousands of people’s lives and livelihoods. It has cost the economy trillions of dollars. It has caused mental health problems for children and teens and China is not being held accountable for it. You look at this week as the Olympics start and our athletes still go to The Olympics And the only thing President Biden has done is a diplomatic boycott. You look at the issues that exist around trade. You look at the genocide being committed against Uyghur Muslims. You look at the treatment of freedom fighters in Hong Kong, Tibetans, Mongolians, and then you look at the participation of some American companies. with China as well as the Chinese Communist Party which has a place in many of those Chinese business entities.And I said ‘Hey wait a minute, the convenience there is very worrying and it’s not good for the country, it’s not good for The issue of freedom, and that is something that must be addressed immediately.”

Blackburn has been hammering China for a long time, warning for years about the rise of the Chinese Communist Party. She said the current administration appears content to watch America’s decline and China rise.

“I’ve been talking about the China issue now for years and years and years, beating that drum over and over again,” Blackburn said. “Whether it was the theft of intellectual property rights, whether it was the mistreatment of US corporate entities and small and medium-sized businesses that were doing business in China, whether it was our over-reliance on manufacturing in China for our critical supply chains, whether China going forward In Confucius Institutes and Confucius classrooms and trying to inject itself into the sister city program, whether it’s the Belt and Road Initiative, debt diplomacy, concerns about competition, or concerns about China with its blue navy, concerns about China in its own country as part of the new “axis of evil” alongside Russia, Iran and North Korea, China is bent on world domination by the time we reach the middle of this century. We cannot allow that to happen. So shifting our focus to how to strengthen our country and how to resist people who do not wish us well will be imperative because we We, the American people, are the exceptional and exceptional America of all our citizens. Right now, we have an administration and a president who seems to be satisfied with ordinary America.”

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