Ex-official accused of unwanted foot rub defies case


Olayinka Alege was charged with a misdemeanor of petty assault in May, after a teenage boy told police that Alege had massaged his foot without his consent.

PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) – The former principal of Providence Public Schools accused of providing an unwanted foot massage to a minor returned to court Friday to say his arrest was based on false information and to ask the court to overturn the arrest warrant.

Olayinka Oleg, 40, was charged with misdemeanor petty assault in May, after a teenage boy told police Alege that he had massaged his foot without his consent at a gym in Warwick. He pleaded not guilty and was released on a personal pledge.

Police said Oleg’s accusation was based on video surveillance from inside the gym.

But in a motion filed on Friday, Alege’s attorney said that at no time does the video show his client touching the minor’s foot. The lawsuit also states that the police obtained the video using false or misleading statements.

The attorney general said he would need two weeks to respond to the request.

Oleg’s attorney, Jason Dixon-Acosta, said out of court he had no further comment.

A Warwick Police spokesperson declined to comment.

Uig faced similar allegations while working in Florida in 2009, but was not charged with a criminal offense. Following the Rhode Island allegations, he resigned as director of the High School Network of Providence Schools.

The case also led to the termination of former supervisor Harrison Peters, who had hired Alege.

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