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Ex-LAPD officer gets probation in assault and extortion case

Officials confirmed Friday that a former Los Angeles police officer accused of sexual assault and beating of a detective with whom he had an affair will avoid a prison sentence under the terms of a plea deal struck this week.

Danny Reddy has not appealed a single count of misdemeanor injury to a spouse or girlfriend and was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison, shortly before his scheduled preliminary hearing on charges of extortion, domestic violence and violation of a restraining order, said Greg Riesling, a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office. Los Angeles.

Riesling said that under the terms of the petition, Reddy is barred from owning weapons, must complete one year of counseling and cannot contact the victim.

Reddy initially faced up to six years in prison. The accusations against him spread into the public sphere in 2019, after Dr. Ysabel Villegas He filed a lawsuit accusing Reddy of rape and allegedly threatening to publish sexually explicit pictures of her.

The Times does not usually publish the identities of victims of sexual assault or sexual assault, but Villegas spoke out about the accusations during a press conference announcing the lawsuit.

Villegas – who was married to a former LAPD assistant. Leader Jorge Villegas-Weddy has been involved in an extramarital affair since 2013, according to a restrictive application she made years ago. In the lawsuit, Reddy is accused of forcibly raping her in a Pomona motel room in 2017 by Threaten to distribute the photos If you don’t have sex with him.

Villegas also said she reported Reddy’s alleged misconduct to several senior members of the department, including her husband, but nothing was done.

“With these pictures, I am emotionally intimidated,” Ysabel Villegas said during a 2019 press conference. “He was controlling and manipulating me.”

In the end, prosecutors charged Reddy with racketeering, domestic violence, and three felony counts of violating an injunction. Prosecutors also said Reddy physically assaulted Villegas outside the Glendora restaurant in 2018.

Reddy has not commented on the accusations. Calls to his lawyer were not immediately answered on Friday. Riesling did not respond to a question about the decision to offer the plea deal, and a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson declined to comment.

“Given how difficult it is to win a criminal conviction against a police officer, this is a victory for Isabel Villegas,” attorney Lisa Bloom said in a statement. “For three years, she has demanded justice, and because of her perseverance, Officer Reddy will have a domestic violence conviction on his record and will be forever banned from owning firearms, which should protect others.”

Bloom said Villegas was willing to testify against Reddy at the initial hearing and to stand trial, if necessary. The civil suit brought by Villegas against the city was He settled for $1.5 million last year.

Reddy was last appointed to the Central Division and retired in 2019. Villegas, a 30-year-old LAPD veteran who last worked in the elite robbery and murder division, retired in August 2019, Bloom said.

Jorge Villegas has resigned from the Los Angeles Police Department months after his wife’s accusations against Reddy were made public, after an internal investigation revealed that he may have violated LAPD policy by engaging in a sexual relationship with a subordinate officer.

Sources earlier told The Times that Los Angeles Police Department internal affairs investigators conducted a surveillance operation and arrested Jorge Villegas has sex with a subordinate officer in a parking lot.