Evvie Jagoda says pre-fusion ‘Survivor’ is better than I ever imagined – CBS Tampa

(CBS) – This “monster” is 41- Nora It claimed two more victims this week as Effie Jagoda and Naseer Mutlaf were both taken out of the game and sent to the jury.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Evvie about her experience with the game.

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MW- Nice to see you today, Evie! I think we’ll start here first with some positive vibes. When you think about arriving on the island, what was that moment like?

Not- I mean, it was so surreal, I’m a huge fan of it survivor It was just so exciting to play. I just felt like there wasn’t anyone who looked like me on the show. I was so excited that I was able to come and participate in it.

Especially being a part of Season 1 returning after quarantine. I was just so excited. My main goal was just to have fun and get the job done.

MW- What is your biggest surprise once you start the game?

Not- Honestly, I was expecting pre-merging to be the hardest part of my game. I’m not a particularly normal person. I thought it would be really hard to get a foothold in the game, but in the end I managed to. I had a good group of people at Yassa that I was really able to get a strong foothold with and actually be a strong player. For a lot of pre-marriage chat.

Things went better than I had imagined especially at first. That was definitely surprising. I thought getting into this would be an outsider, but instead I was like an insider. So this was great.

MW- If you weren’t the most physical player like I said, how were those challenges? No food and little sleep

Not- Oh my God, I mean, my body wasn’t in a good place. Early in the game there was little food. I was honestly vomiting a lot of days. Effort and not eating any food, it was a tough place. But what I’ve always wished, especially in terms of team challenges, is that I don’t have a reason to lose the challenge. I always feel fine, you know?

MW- Fast forward to the tribe, it kind of looks like you were about to be slashed but were you expecting Xander to use his idol for you?

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Not- I honestly didn’t expect Xander to play his idol on me. If he hadn’t played it for me on the merge when we were so in sync and it was obvious we really needed it, I wouldn’t have really thought he would now. In that case, especially knowing that we were at the bottom of the group, I wish I had known about his conversation with Danny.

I would probably try to convince Xander not to play the idol but to play the extra vote because if we get an extra vote they only get three votes. But Xander had more power in this situation and more information, so there was really nothing I could do if he didn’t want to do it.

MW- It would be great if you could watch the show as you compete in the show, right?

Not- Absolutely. It’s funny because I think there’s a lot more you know and a lot less than you do. As if you only see 45 minutes of all these days but you will see it from everyone’s perspective.

MW- Obviously things didn’t go your way but I loved how positive you were after the tribe and definitely made the most of your time there. If asked to return, would you take another flight?

Not- Oh ya. I will be back in a second. I have unfinished business there. I would definitely like to do it again, but, you know, are people going to let me in on more? I do not know. We have to see.

MW- It’s a rare game, the better you are, the harder it is to achieve.

Not- exactly!

MW- Well I hope you will get this opportunity and thank you very much for the time Evvi, all the best!

Not- Thank you so much!

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