Everything you need to know about Walt Disney World’s fiftieth anniversary

Orlando, Florida. – With 50 delicious new food items, and 50 golden characters planted throughout the gardens, including new attractions Remy Ratatouille’s AdventureInspirational fireworks displays, here’s everything you need to know Walt Disney WorldCelebrating the fiftieth anniversary!

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary, local‘s Michael Koenigs Race to Orlando, Florida for the opening ceremonies and experience some of the exclusive events, new rides and food that still make Walt Disney World the most magical place on Earth.

While the park’s 50th anniversary marks a milestone since Walt Disney founded the park in 1977, new technology such as 3D glasses, space drinks, fireworks displays, and completely redesigned merchandise are helping propel the park into the 21st century.

Michael Koenigs says as he explores the park to find some new changes made to celebrate the 50th anniversary, such as golden statues of famous Disney characters that can be found throughout.

Join us on this very special trip to Walt Disney World as we learn about the latest and greatest attractions, food and fun for the whole family!


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