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Every word Thomas Tuchel said about Sol Niguez, Chelsea’s ‘lucky’ win over Watford and Hakim Ziyech

Medical Emergency – How worrisome was it and is it true that players didn’t want to go outside until you got under control?

We were in constant dialogue with the stewards and they did the right thing, the players did the right thing to inform the doctors on both seats. Both were very quick to help the person.

All thoughts from us from Chelsea, clothes and I hope everything went well. This is the most important thing.

The referee decided that the teams should go into the locker room to give the doctors time to help with the situation, and secondly to give the players a chance to get in from the cold. We were then constantly told when to go out, how much time we had to warm up and that was pretty much it.

Criticize your players tonight – what did you say in the first half?

Very sloppy and it was a very unusual performance for us. Like I said, I had a feeling we weren’t ready. Not just maybe. I’m into it, and I have to get the team ready, and I didn’t prepare them for what was coming because it was the first time we had done completely poorly as a team.

We didn’t win the first balls, not the second balls, and we didn’t deal well with pressure. Winning or losing challenges is one thing but we haven’t found it.

We had a chance to talk about it in the break and then we had the chance again in the first half and we tried to send easy messages because it was clear that we struggled to build the skilled solutions.

We needed to do the basics better, stick with it and change the mindset and accept it. We tried, I don’t think I’ve been too critical with the guys, but we’re also very critical of ourselves when we analyze the situation.

I think we can admit today that we were lucky to win this match. It was an extraordinary performance for us, and I won’t be concentrating too long on this match because we are playing on Saturday again.

There are reasons why it wasn’t easy for us, Watford played with great enthusiasm and we struggled on the basics. I don’t know what but it was like that. We’re in this together and we had a lucky win today.

Saul – He defended him against Villa when I dismissed him and was this the same night? Where does this performance go?

I don’t know where he would go from this performance but he was on a yellow card so we had two options – he took Marcus [Alonso] Who also got a yellow card and tried Saul as a winger.

This was on my mind before the match, if something happened to Marcus. I thought maybe the match wasn’t a fit to try things out in new locations, so he had to change the format a bit and get Thiago on the pitch with his organization.

After Trevoh [Chalobah] On the six who are more physical – unfortunately Trevoh injured himself and we ended up with Robben on the six. It was a tactical decision.

Hakim Ziyech’s first goal in the league this season, how important is it to you?

very important.

It was like the first half was going on like this and then we had a big chance with Mason and Mason goal, but it didn’t really help us to dominate the game and grow in it.

Then we gave up. Of course we hoped, to try to affect the game from the bench with offensive changes because we felt we were losing points against Burnley and Man United with a 1-1 draw and it wasn’t about our team’s performance, it was about the time when we scored a goal, so we tried to infuse some courage in Attacking changes because we were hoping that the spaces would open up if Watford continued to attack bravely with their high number 8 and we could find a better transitional game.

It’s always good for players to score goals and be decisive. It was important to stick and get the three points. I am happy for sage.