Every word Nuno Espirito Santo said about Harry Kane, Ryan Sessegnon and Brian Gill being ‘struggling’

What is your assessment of this win?

I think we had a good game from the first minute. We didn’t allow any chances, we played good moves and scored early, and that makes things easier. We scored again and every moment the game was under control. Good individual performance, good play. We created chances in the second half, and I think we had a lot of clear chances that we should do better. But really pleased.

What do you think of Harry Kane’s performance?

He played well, scored, had good moves, helped the team in possession, kept his form out of possession, and helped get the ball back. Still getting better. But playing is the best way for all players to improve, to compete, and the edge of the game is what makes players push their limits and that’s what we all expect from them?

It was very well received by the fans, can you tell us how he feels after that?

It was so good, our fans are amazing. The support they give us all. Even in our training session here, the energy you can see. That’s what we want, this bond for them to enjoy, give our all and support themselves in the stands. Creating this energy is beneficial to us.

Looks like fans have reached out to you too?

I can only say that I am so grateful for all the support and reception they gave us on the streets. I work for Tottenham, I am an employee and I will do everything I can to help the team.

Winks and Lo Celso had good matches after a disappointing match in Portugal, what do you think of them?

They played well. It was a different midfield, tonight it was Harry, Joe and Brian. Energy, that’s what we wanted and we had. They dominated the middle of the field. I think it’s the games that make us grow as a team, with the convention league, we have to use this competition to help us grow as a group working together in the same direction. Really happy with all the boys.

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Do you feel he was excited to put on a show and show his commitment?

My answer to that is that I see Harry every day since he joined us, every day. He does not have to prove to anyone. He is committed. you can see. All the situations that happen are part of the past, let’s look and move forward, but I see it every day.

I see him today in training sessions. I saw him today at the end of the match, and now it’s time to recover. It is someone else who will help us.

What do you think of Brian Gill and Ryan Sessegnon tonight?

I’ll start with session. I think he’s struggling, he’s struggling. Lots of time out of competition. He has talent. He is a player who can give us good things, one for another, a cross, he has energy but he didn’t do everything he had today. I really think he has a lot more to offer.

I think Bryan played a good game in a different position in midfield today. He was full of energy and that’s what we wanted, a reaction to losing the ball, talent. He brings talent and every time he goes to the last third of the field he is a player who needs to improve in his decision making but we are here to support him.

Fans will be expecting more from Harry as the matches go on, right?

I think we can expect more from everyone, from all of us. We’re starting the competition really early. I think we’re fine. We realize that there is a long way to go and plenty of room for improvement, all of us, each and every one of us.


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