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Evan Hall left Paradise on the September 28 episode of “Bachelor in Heaven,” all stemming from his breach of a big show rule and sneaking outside to see another contestant.

In spite of Evan Hall Went to the fourth rose ceremony on Bachelor in Heaven Worried about whether or not he would get a rose, it wasn’t his lack of connections that sent him home. During the cocktail party, Wells Adams He pulled Evan aside for a serious discussion, after which, Evan revealed that he was leaving the show. It all stems from an incident that occurred during the September 21 episode, when the cast had to evacuate the beach due to a tropical storm.

The September 28 episode started with Evan and Aaron Clancy Go to each other Chelsea Phone. Aaron was furious that Evan had hooked up with Chelsea at the cocktail party, despite claiming he wouldn’t go after any female roses if they already had contact with someone. Evan was also caught lying about the situation when he claimed Chelsea pulled him aside to chat first, when it was really the opposite.

Finally, it was time for the rose party, but before it began, Welles addressed the group. “Something has happened that I have to deal with first,” Wells said. “It’s something that happened last night at the hotel when we were sheltering from the storm. Evan, can you come with me?” Wells told Evan to be completely honest with him and tell him if he had something to share.

Evan Hall hits the beach for “Bachelor in Heaven.” (ABC/Craig Sujoden)

Evan came clean. He said that when the group was sheltering from a storm in a hotel, he crept out of his room and went to spend time with Alexa Caves from Peter Weber season BSCEven though the actors were banned from leaving their hotel rooms. “I was hoping she’d be brought here at some point,” Evan admitted. “That’s what I wished from the beginning. We had never met and I was really excited to meet her and talk to her. So I thought I was going home and wanted to meet her, so I just did.”

Wells was confused about how Evan knew Alexa was at the hotel, as she hadn’t been brought to the show as a cast member yet. “There was a phone in my room and it was a producer phone,” Evan explained. “It was just there, and it was the first thing on the screen – I didn’t go looking for anything – but it was a screenshot of the room numbers. I saw Alexa’s name and got really excited about it and made a quick, impulsive decision. We were talking on her balcony and we hit it up like normal times” .

Evan apologized for “going around the system,” and Welles urged him to confront the group with the truth. Explaining what had happened and apologizing, he gave Chelsea a specific shout out in his apology. However, he also claimed that even if Chelsea offered him a rose, he wasn’t planning on accepting it. “I realized in a short period of time, I’m not in the space of mind to be in heaven,” said Evan. “I kind of checked. Under different circumstances, who knows what could have happened, but I had better leave Heaven. It was a lot and once again I’m sorry to all of you.” In the end, Evan walked out of the show and admitted that he was “selfish” by breaking the rules to meet Alexa.

Evan Hall Chelsea Phone
Evan Hall talks with Chelsea Vaughn about Bachelor in Heaven. (ABC/Craig Sujoden)

Evan’s journey continues Bachelor in Heaven It was a little bit all over the place. The show started hitting him Jesenia CruzAnd they even went on an intimate date together. Though, when Chris Conran Arrived at the beach Gisenia She changed her focus. She ended things with Evan to be with Chris instead.

Meanwhile, Evan tried to identify Kendall Long, but she was thinking a lot because of her ex-husband, Joe Amabile, also on display. Although Kendall tried to make it work with Evan, she was pretty shocked when Joe told her he was totally over her when he embarked on a journey new relationship With Serena Pete. This led to Kendall leave the show…and Evan with no prospects left. He did spend some time with Chelsea before the fourth rose party, but ended up dumping him for his behind-the-scenes behavior before things got worse between them.

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