EU LIVE DISCUSSION: VDL praises USA but ignores UK and North America in contempt for an hour | Politics | News

MEP Manfred Weber called for cooperation with the United States to fight Russia and China, but made no mention of working with Britain.

He said there are two steps to a common foreign policy.

He said, “First, the rapid development of the vaccine was only possible because the authorities acted quickly during the approval process.

“No barriers, but that speed is what we need now as well, in other areas of the research sector and in investments to protect the climate

“With an immediate action plan in place to cut bureaucracies, in the EU, we must work with all stakeholders to identify 300 EU regulations that we will abolish or simplify, in the next 12 months.

“Secondly, to produce an electric car for only half the number of employees needed, many industrial jobs in the European Union are at risk.

“New jobs are sorely needed in the European Union today.

International trade was and remains a business machine.

“Why not now turn to this discussion with our American friends, let us negotiate the EU-US Trade Contingency Program on the Mechanical Engineering Mobility Sector in the Digital Economy, as soon as possible as a first step to a broader and more comprehensive trade agreement.”

“Only this is the way to strengthen the main industrial sectors of the Western economy, and together we can protect ourselves against China.

The European Union and the United States together account for 50 per cent of the global economy.

“Together, we can start a growth machine that benefits the entire world.”

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