Eternal and the movies that can save all the movies.

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For the past year and a half, nothing has been done about the condition of the cinema except rubbing hands. Obviously, we have done our fair share. And really, what else is there? When Covid 19 crashed to the ground, the theaters closed, and that was one of the least problems in the world. Since then, movie lovers have spent a lot of time with video on demand, and Hollywood has focused on what to do. Should they stop all their releases until the theaters reopen completely? Throw everything on streaming? Some hybrid? At this point, the industry has tried almost everything – with different results.

At its heart – at least for now, traditionally during the summer blockbuster season – are two major players with two different styles: Warner Bruce and Disney. The former had announced in December last year that it would release the entire slate of 2021 films on its streaming service, HBO Max, on the same day the films hit theaters. Meanwhile, Disney started the year in search of a model where it released movies in cinemas but offered them at the same time in Disney + for Rs 30 pop. Whether either game succeeds or fails, it’s hard to qualify – both have increased their streaming subscribers. Nor has there been a film that lost 100 100 million locally in its opening weekend. Like everyone else, their status quo remains.

That’s why there’s something new. Eternal The trailer feels like hope. Not to be too vague about it, but apart from the fact that it looks beautiful, the final teaser also has an air of an event movie, with the same title Avengers: The End Game. Or first Wonder Woman. Marvel film features the most cast to date (Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, AtlantaBrian Tyree Henry, Crazy rich asianJima Chen, Game of Thrones(Richard Maiden and Kit Harrington), the film is directed by Oscar winner Chloe Xiao and is hitting the date of the November 5 non-popcorn season. Will save movies – or at least save movies in 2021.

By the time it falls, it will have some runway in front of it. Earlier this summer, Marvels. black Widow Great job when it hit theaters and Disney + on the same day. Free cow Despite only being released in theaters, it managed to beat the box office estimates and the Delta version of Covid 19 was starting to increase. Next: Shang Chi and the symbols of the ten colors., Which will become Marvel’s first exclusive theatrical release in two years when it falls on September 3. Eternal It will also be released for theaters. Fans of Cincinnati and Comics can only hope that theaters will be able to present it on multiple screens to allow everyone to see socially far away.

EternalOf course, will not be alone. In a close confrontation between Disney and Warner Bruce’s strategy, the film came out just two weeks later MoundThe second autumn release begs you to watch it in theaters. Mound Director Dennis Valenzuela is determined to get fans to experience the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic on the big screen, even writing a letter. Different types. Rejecting his studio’s decision to release the film on HBO Max. “The Warner Bros. decision means Mound There will be no financial performance to be viable, “he wrote. Eternal Here are the thoughts of director Xiao, who saw the opening of the film. It gave me hope that a filmmaker like Dennis would really be able to use his vision and make something incredible, so cinematic. Sight and sound Magazine “I’m just blown away by the experience I had in this room. But I’m afraid of how many people will have this experience or not like what I did in the theater and what it will do for the future.” Means


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