Erie County’s mask mandate is getting some push from the town of Marilla

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The Marella Township Superintendent is standing firm against the new mask mandate that the Erie County Executive announced this week. The mandate was in response to rising rates of virus infection.

Superintendent Earl Gingerich Jr. says the city government does not plan to comply with the county’s mask mandate. The city plans to file a formal complaint against the county.

You will not comply with, implement, or participate in this mask mandate. We will defend the right of our businesses and residents to make their own decisions about what is best for them. “We will tell the county. We urge them not to enter our town to intimidate or harass our business or our residents. The City of Marilla will use all its resources to fight back and defend this right.”

The city government feels as though the mandate might hurt their business.

“We have small businesses in town and that’s going to put our small businesses out of business,” said Deputy City Councilor Brian Nolan. “This has already hampered their business and we cannot move forward with this.”

County Executive Mark Polonkars was not available for comment. Previously, Polonkars, the county health commissioner, and local infectious disease experts all said masks help reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the community.

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