Eric Adams joins Democrats denouncing ‘built in’ road racism

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams is the latest New York politician to echo Pete Buttigieg Racism is ‘built into’ America’s infrastructure.

Adams on Wednesday endorsed a concept put forward by Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Richie Torres the day before to “block” the Trans-Bronx Expressway.

“Racism is ingrained in our infrastructure, and we need to confront and combat it. Blocking the Cross Bronx Highway is just the beginning!” Adams tweeted, echoing the Transportation Secretary’s claim on Monday that racism was a “simple fact” because American highways were often “built for the purpose of dividing a neighborhood.” black and white”.

The statement came after the soon-to-be mayor endorsed the concept during an interview on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show.”

Construction of the Cross Bronx Expressway on November 16, 1949.
Bettmann Archive via Getty Image

During the interview, Adams noted that outgoing Bronx Borough President Robin Diaz Jr. has also proposed capping Cross-Bronx — and that his former vice president Diana Rina has suggested capping BQE.

“We really need to roll back Robert Moses’ division of our city and reunite neighborhoods and communities, and I love that idea,” Adams said, scrutinizing the city’s notorious 20th-century development czar.

“You cover it. You bring communities together. A green space. There are some great things we can do with that,” he said.


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