England beat Euro 2020 Italy, but there are memories and jokes to win

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England beat Euro 2020 Italy, but there are memories and jokes to win

It is not Coming home. England faced Italy in the Euro final on Sunday night at London’s Wimbledon Stadium and lost in a pressure-filled penalty kick showdown. As the Italian audience danced and celebrated, the English audience, including Prince William, his wife, Catherine, and son George, who were in attendance, had to dream again.

Fans of England had hoped that Victory would “return home”, playing the English tribute song of English comedians David Budiel and Frank Skinner and the band The Lightning Seeds, Three Lines (It’s Coming). Marked the hosting of England. Euro 1996

This room is coming

But instead of returning home, she is coming to the victory room, as Italian fans are quick to take notes on social media. Even Italian player Leonardo Bonucci was ridiculed for “coming to Rome”.

Poor England

This loss means that England will continue, at least for a while, as a perpetual underdog of its pop culture, seemingly the most cursed program in the world. And don’t think that non-spectators did anything to remind them.

Kirsten Cherico tweeted, “Honestly, the best part of Italy’s victory was the grief of the royal family’s bullets.

Mario and pizza

Two Italian fans caught the eye of the audience with their costumes – he’s wearing a slice of pizza, while he’s Super Mario. He may have been happy after the penalty kick, but the cameras caught him in a moment of uncertainty, with many headlines and jokes.

“You’re still going to dress like pizza, aren’t you?” Mocked a Twitter user. “What do you mean? We talked about it weeks ago!”

Another said, “Ever since they showed Pizza Girl and Super Mario Boyfriend, Italy has been in full swing.”

Royal frustration

The young Prince George’s reaction entertained many spectators, mainly on England’s goal and then the team’s defeat. The future king of England, who is now only 7 years old, wants to get in the habit of disappointing England matches.

“Prince George is a fan of every football in England right now. From the sheer joy of Luke Shaw’s goal to the heartbreak of Rashford, Sancho and Saka missing a penalty!” Wrote a Twitter user. “Football will come home, not today but someday! Congratulations Italy.”

For England fans – well, there is always the next World Cup, which will be in Qatar in the fall of 2022 to escape the scorching heat of the Middle Eastern country.

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