Encanto isn’t running on Disney Plus yet, sorry – but it will be soon.

Encanto character Mirabelle stands smiling at the children in her village.


Encanto – Disney’s latest animated musical, a fantasy set with music by Lin Manuel Miranda in Colombia – Thanksgiving hit theaters during the weekend, topping the US box office.

But unlike other Disney movies released earlier in the epidemic, Disney did not make Encanto available for streaming. Disney Plus At the same time it hit theaters. While this return to the theater’s special strategy has led to the box office performances of some other films, such as Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsThese are narrow options for fans who are accustomed to making more choices about how, where and when to watch new movies during COVID-19 epidemics.

When is the Encanto streaming release date?

Encanto was released exclusively in theaters for a period of one month starting November 24. So Encanto is ready to be available for streaming on Disney Plus early on December 24 at PT / 3 am ET at no extra cost. .

This is much faster than the Disney theater release before the epidemic, when it usually took five to eight months. And it’s faster than any other Disney Plus movie since Disney Plus hit theaters: Sheng Chi, for example, was in theaters about 70 days before Disney Plus was released.

But it’s still longer than some of the other Disney movies, like Pixar’s Luca, which went live on Disney Plus.

When will Marvel’s Eternal come to Disney Plus?

Eternal Theaters hit exclusively on November 5. It has no confirmed streaming release date yet, but here’s what we know about Marvel Flick, as well as some well-read estimates of what to expect:

  • Disney plans to have Eternals exclusively in theaters for at least 45 days after its theatrical release.
  • Disney Plus will be the only service that will (eventually) stream Eternals.
  • Disney CEO said. Eternals will arrive on Disney Plus after a 45-day theater special., But it did not specify whether it would be available for immediate sequencing once the 45-day window expires.
  • If it lands on Disney Plus immediately after 45 days in Eternals theaters, then its streaming release will be on December 20 or so.
  • But it could be much later. Shang Chi was in theaters for about 70 days before the release of Disney Plus.
  • If (a big “if”) Eternals follows Shang-chi’s playbook, it will arrive on Disney Plus approximately 70 days after its theatrical release, with Eternals’ Disney Plus approaching January 11. Will be.

Again, it may take several months for the Eternals to begin sorting. Before the epidemic, new Disney movies will make their way. Disney Plus About five to eight months after the theatrical premiere. If Disney returns to this routine, it is possible that Disney Plus subscribers will be waiting until the summer of 2022 to start streaming Eternals.

It is likely that Eternals will be available to stream on Disney Plus much earlier than usual before the epidemic. Unfortunately, we will not know for sure until Disney confirms its streaming plan for Eternal.

Why is Disney not releasing any movie on Disney Plus on the same day that there are theaters?

Disney makes some serious big-budget movies. And for these films to be profitable within the current Hollywood economy, they need to have tremendous box office success. The series of films that they run in theaters the day they are definitely run in the best interests of the consumers and the audience, giving them the most choice about how and when to watch the films. But the same day streaming deviates from the box office performance.

When the epidemic first struck, Disney made major changes to its film release methods. As cinemas closed or capacity dwindled, Disney Plus became a way for new films to reach a wider audience, especially the stockpile of late films.

Some Disney movies – usually mid-budget live action movies and Pixar movies like Luca and Sol – leave the theaters altogether and were available to stream on Disney Plus at no extra cost. For the biggest movies, Disney Plus has introduced its premier access model to sell streaming access to new, big screen movies for an extra fee. Disney Plus members can play brand new movies at home for over $ 30 above their subscription price. Disney has released five movies with this premier access option, most notably Marvel’s Black Video in July.

But then, as the scope of vaccination expanded, Disney reintroduced special theater-related items – albeit with a much shorter window of time, especially in theaters than before. The first movie to hit theaters was Free Guy, a video game comedy from Disney’s 20th Century Studios. It was released in theaters on August 13, with a 45-day commitment to make it available only in theaters. Shang Chi followed suit by hitting theaters (and theaters only) on September 3 before it was finally placed on Disney Plus on November 12 at no extra cost.

Shang-Chi was a great movie at the box office, currently topping the US rankings in terms of ticket earnings in 2021. Sony’s Spider-Man: For From Home was the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to be released in theaters since its release in July. 2019 Shang Chi’s box office performances did not keep pace with pre-epidemic MCU releases such as Far From Home: In the first four weeks of Spider-Man’s 2019 release, it grossed over $ 340 million at the domestic box office. Was Shang Chi’s first four weeks barely exceeded 200 200 million. But Shang Chi still outperformed many pre-pandemic Marvel films at the box office, such as 2015’s Antman – especially given that demand in theaters is still depressed compared to before the epidemic. Is.

Shang-Chi basically proved that – at least for the movie belonging to the world’s biggest blockbuster movie franchise – if the audience could not play it at home, they would return to theaters. This is one of the main reasons why Disney has moved back to theatrical specials for its biggest movies.

But some of Disney’s upcoming short films will only become Disney Plus original instead. Leaving the theater Full. This strategy applies to most mid-budget movies, including Pinocchio, a live action remake featuring Tom Hanks. Peter Pan Reboot; Disenchanted, a sequel to Enchanted in which Amy Adams will reprise her role as Princess. And Sister Act 3, reviving the comedy franchise about nuns.

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