Emmerdale newcomer Ben Richards reveals important news in Episode 1

Emerdel Spoilers follow.

Emerdel About to debut Ben Richards in his new role as GavinThe actor revealed that he will be coming to the village on tonight’s episode (November 25th).

The hollyox And Football players’ wives The star’s selection was only announced at the beginning of last month, but he has already made his debut in the Yorkshire Dales.

earlier in the day, The actor has taken to social media To share with his fans: “Tonight is the night, episode one, it’s time to meet Gavin [winking emoji]”

Ben Richards smiling and standing in front of the wool bag on the Emmerdale set


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Gavin was previously teased as an aide to the Chapmans (Michael Wildman), and is currently Trying to turn the famous village pub The Woolpack into luxury apartments. With soap apparently lining the watering hole fire for the Christmas season, could Gavin be implicated in turning Al’s plans criminal?

last eveningWe see Al’s plan take a turn for the worse when he is kidnapped by Cain, who discovers from Marlon that Al has been flirting with his sister Chas.

In an attempt to free Al, Chase reveals to Cain that she was playing Al, having recently realized he has secret plans for the bar and has been trying to get his attention so that he may spread his courage.

Although she got some information about Al’s dodgy dealings, she admitted that she still didn’t know why Al bought the pub only to intentionally run it on the floor. But how far is she willing to go to get some answers?

Emerdel Chase Dingle


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also in Tonight’s episode for an hour, Ben finally turns to the body camera horrified as he watches shaky footage of Victoria’s attempt to drown.

Ben is surprised and worried when a smiling Mina appears in the office. She rushes to pick up the camera but fails to wrestle her with him and he runs away with her.

Mina chases but slips in some Leaf wine spilled earlier. With Mina lying lifeless on the ground, a terrified Ben has no idea what he should do.

Meanwhile, Lydia is left upset after an encounter with a drunk and disoriented Liv.

Emerdel It airs weekend nights at 7pm on ITV, with an additional episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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