Emmerdale develops as the despicable Meena prepares to hit Andrea after she notices the crime

ITV’s Emmerdale’s soap opera continued Super Soap Week with another nail-biting scene that watched Mina Gutla prepare to kill Andrea Tate

Emmerdale develops as the despicable Meena prepares to hit Andrea after she notices the crime

It looks like Mina Gutla is preparing to beat Andrea Tate to death in Emerdel after Wednesday night.

The ITV Super Soap week continued with more danger during the final episode after Victoria Sugden fell over a waterfall following a catastrophic bridge collapse on Monday night’s show.

Although Victoria survives the fall, Victoria is found by her evil rival Mina Gutla who sets out to drown an unconscious single mother underwater in an attempt to end her.

When this happened, Andrea Tate watched Mina’s actions from afar and screamed at her station but the evil nurse did not hear.

Mina’s friend and Victoria’s true love David Metcalfe interrupted Mina who quickly pretended to help Victoria.

Andrea Tate discovers Mina’s killer ways in Emerdel

However, Mina was left with a problem in Andrea’s form after she came face to face with her and Andrea revealed that she had seen what she had done to Victoria.

Mina tries to talk about her director at first but Andrea reveals that she can tell what the nurse is doing.

Mina then laughed crazy and called Victoria her “fucked stealing boyfriend” and tried to eliminate her despite she was already “half-dead”.

Evil Mina Gutla laughed as she confessed her fame

Andrea Tate ran to save her life in the big maze

Mina then proceeds to harass Andrea because her boyfriend Charles Anderson is still in love with Mina’s sister, Manpreet and reveals that she has seen them together.

Andrea then escaped from Mina and ran into the maze of cornfields away from the killer, but Mina trapped her in a “dead end”.

While Mina was enjoying the sign, she then raised it and prepared to hit Andrea with it until her victim screams.

Did Mina really kill Andrea?

Mina faced a terrified Andrea

The killer Mina trapped Andrea in the maze at a “dead end”

Naturally, the viewers at home had some ideas about what happened and whether Andrea could survive.

Coined by an Emmerdale fan Twitter : “Mina has become full of psychosis # emdel But I think Andrea will be fine.”

Another person wrote: “Oh my God is Andrei dead??!!! # emdel “.

Meanwhile, another model of the TV series tweeted on ITV: “If Andrea was really over, fair enough. Mina got this, because at least she had a few brains.”

Mina raised the “dead end” sign on Andrea

Elsewhere, someone commented: “Poor Andrea was waiting for what she should have kept running #emmerdale “.

Finally, an Emmerdale fan concluded, “Mina is just pure evil # emdel# Meena “.

* Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7 PM on ITV, with previous episodes available on the ITV Hub.

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