Embedded, virus-safe Comic-Con opens Friday after two-year COVID hiatus

Hundreds pack the Harbor Drive pedestrian bridge for the pre-COVID Comic-Con event. Photo by Chris Stone

Superheroes won’t be the only ones wearing masks in downtown San Diego this weekend.

After two years of absence, Comic Con International He returns to San Diego on Friday to entertain, inform, and impress pop culture fans around the world.

But this won’t be the Comic-Con you remember. This is the special edition of Comic-Con, a stripped-down three-day event that takes place over the weekend to reduce crowds during the ongoing pandemic that has forced online-only versions of the last two conventions.

Comic-Con organizers have said they want to hold an in-person event but are doing so safely. Therefore, this meant fewer days, a smaller range, and a return to the intimate gathering that those present would long remember fondly.

This means that attendees will be required to show evidence of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 tests. They will also have to wear masks or face coverings regardless of vaccination status.

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