Elon Musk wants to cover the UK with Star Link’s satellite internet: report.

According to the Telegraph, Elon Musk’s StarLink satellite internet venture has obtained a license to build a satellite ground station on the Isle of Man, which will provide “blanket coverage” across the UK.

StarLink, part of Musk SpaceX, has applied to the Isle of Man’s communications regulator to improve broadband coverage for rural areas in the north of the UK via fiber broadband or 5G internet. Can’t reach

From an island station west of the North British coast, Starlink could take advantage of the island’s less crowded airwaves to send signals to rural broadband holes, the Telegraph reported.

Starlink has already set up satellite bases in Buckinghamshire and Cornwall. It said that with its three ground stations and its satellite network in orbit, the company is expected to reduce full broadband coverage for the whole of the UK.

The Internet service will compete with other UK broadband companies in the UK, most notably the UK government-owned OneWeb, which also works with the low-Earth orbit satellite network.

SpaceX is working to provide StarLink satellite Internet globally and connect in-flight Internet service by September. The company is working to launch 42,000 StarLink satellites into orbit by 2027 to support its global broadband signal.

The global coverage of the StarLink service could allow more rural and insecure communities to access broadband faster.

According to the Telegraph, Starlink launched a limited UK test service earlier this year, charging £ 89 ($ 123) a month, and 43 9,439 ($ 610) for a satellite dish. Musk said in May that more than 500,000 people had ordered StarLink Internet.

The UK’s communications regulator of work said last week it was updating the terms and conditions for obtaining a low-orbit satellite license, as it uses Starlink, and any existing or new applications. Blocking However, regulators said they are in the final stages of issuing a license that has been developed in line with their proposed guidelines. Offcom has not commented on who filed the petition.

Starlink could not be reached at the time of publication.

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