Eli Spiral and DYNOHUNTER for DJ as a Art

Boulder Elliot Vaughn and Clark Smith were in two bands – Vaughn played with the bass EvenSmith played the saxophone, keys and percussion as the leader of the DYNOHUNTER Before they both decided to go alone. Vaughn launched progressive house music as Elie Spiral In 2017, Smith created a solo version of this year’s DYNOHUNTER, playing saxophone, percussion and disguise.

On November 22, Vaughn released an EP Elie Spiral and Friends with the United Kingdom JOOF . Recordings, which is run by a famous progressive trance producer John Fleming “00”. EP INCLUDES COOPERATION WITH DYNOHUNTER AND PRODUCT kri samadhi, but “Stellar Playground” is all the work of iPhone. According to the Eli Spiral moniker, the ring’s layers spirally spiral in and out of each other, propelled by a cavernous kick cylinder and a closed hi-hat. “Panthera Tigris” The collaboration between Vaughn and DYNOHUNTER follows a similar quarter timeline, but with more synchronized percussion, and vocal filling that highlights DYNOHUNTER’s distinctive timbre in Latin.

They both have shows coming up: Eli Spiral presents on Saturday, December 4th, at DV8 . Distillation IN BOULDER, DYNOHUNTER PLAYS WITH air queen in a Yellow Barn Farm In Longmont on Friday 17th December.

Vaughn and Smith took a while to share Their cooperative operation with Westward, as well as their decision to transition from bands to DJ-inspired formats and how they respond to those who question the artistic integrity of electronic music.

Westword: You both come from the world of bands, but have recently decided to focus on more individual pursuits, with deejaying being the main means of performance. Why did you decide to make this transition?

iPhone: I think it was a natural progression for me after so many years of touring with a band. I enjoyed spending many hours in the studio that were hard to find while out on the road, and it gave me the opportunity to create a comprehensive catalog for the Eli Spiral project.

Smith: I would say it was also a natural progression. Over time, I found myself more excited and inspired by the DJs and producers, so it made sense to follow my passion and focus more on DJ and production. I love the improvisation and the freedom deejaying provides – being able to keep up with the flow, feel the energy of the moment and create a group that speaks to that moment.

What’s the most musically excited thing about Denver?

iPhone: We both attended our first Whirling Dervish event in Denver with John Digweed in 2016, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching the event grow over the years. They’re bringing some great talent to Denver right now. Personally, I’m excited for my Eli Spiral collection at the DV8 Distillery in Boulder on December 4.

Smith: The Whirling Dervish parties were really great. They definitely bring more warehouse party energy generally seen in big cities to Denver, and I think they show how booming the home and techno scene has been over the past few years. I’m so excited for Sven Vath in February; It is a living legend.

What do you have to say to musicians who ignore deejaying, and even sometimes electronic music, as a valid form of music?

iPhone: There will always be these discussions about music, because it is an ever-evolving art form. I grew up playing bass guitar and learning how to dj and produce, so these discussions have always seemed trivial to me. Art is important, not the medium.

Smith: I think it is a closed and naive view of art. As someone who grew up playing the saxophone and studied it in college, I was definitely a “musician” before becoming a producer and DJ. I think becoming proficient in any of the three is a challenge, and I respect the different things about each medium. Art is about communication and communication, and whether you do it with a traditional instrument or you communicate through production or deejaying, if it touches the listener, then you have succeeded.

There was a crossover between jam, festival scene, and bass music. Do you see a cross between it and house music?

iPhone: Yes, there seems to be some crossover between the different music scenes at the moment, which I think is a good thing. Many of us grew up going to rave parties and live music events.

Smith: It has been exciting to see house DJs appearing on the sets of the festival scene more and more in recent years. It’s really cool to see a crossover between the music scenes and people discovering new music. I think there are definitely a lot of similarities between house music and jam bands. I would say those magical moments where it all comes together are something both scenes share.

What does your creative and collaborative process look like?

iPhone: We speak the same musical language, simply put. Since we’re based in Boulder, we’re able to conduct personal studio sessions and echo ideas in real time, similar to how we improvise on a live music scene. This is our seventh collaborative track, and we’ve developed a process where we write the initial ideas in my studio, then move into the DYNOHUNTER studio, using all the tools we have collectively.

Smith: Working with Ellie has been really incredible. Tracks always seem to come together quite easily, and it feels like we’re always on the same wavelength in the studio. We definitely have a great deal of trust and respect for each other’s ideas and decisions, and a shared vision of sound.

How did you both get signed to JOOF, despite being in a smaller market like Colorado?

iPhone: John “00” Fleming supported our track ‘Solar Drift’ during some of the live broadcasts and radio shows of the 2020 lockdown closing. So we had the pleasure to send the following demo to JOOF. John and the team have created an incredible brand that has stayed true to their secret roots despite having some commercial success. This is my third Eli Spiral EP with the label, and I’m thankful to have a musician’s house that welcomes my open-minded approach to electronic music. I’d go see John play in Atlanta during the early 2000s and was always amazed at his ability to mix elements of techno, progressive house, and ecstasy.

Smith: I would also like to add that I feel like I am in an underground house and in the techno world, the music speaks. Great tracks are signed all over the world, no matter what market the DJ lives in or who he is. We were so amazed that a veteran DJ like John Fleming “00” was so supportive of our music!

Eli Spiral plays Dance Til You Glow at 8 p.m. Saturday, December 4 at DV8 Distillery, 2480 East 49th Street in Boulder; tickets 10 bucks. DYNOHUNTER PLAYS WITH THE AIR QUEEN 6 p.m. Friday, December 17, at Yellow Barn Farm, 9417 North Foothills Highway in Longmont; tickets From $30 to $100.


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