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Election 2021: Here are the results of other races in New York City

With registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans in New York City by a seven-to-one margin, the majority of Democratic winners in the June primaries easily skated to defeat their opponents in the general election. We will update with Results at the city level and other races.

In the race for New York City’s attorney general, incumbent Juman Williams, won re-election to the position citywide over his Republican challenger, Dr. Devi Elizabeth Nambiparambele. Entering a four-year term in January, Williams has already expressed Interest in running for governor Next year. If he wins the June 2022 primary for the governor’s seat, it opens the door for a special election for his attorney general seat.

Meanwhile, Williams’ ally and fellow Brooklyn board member, Brad Lander, claimed an easy victory in his race for New York City’s comptroller, defeating Republican challenger Dabi Benjamin Carreras. Lander, a progressive Democrat, has pledged to use the power of the Comptroller’s Office to advance the city’s climate resilience plan through investments in the city’s pension funds, which total $300 billion.

In the races for all five mayor seats, four of the five winners of the June Democratic primary went on to win the general election, defeating their Republican rivals. The most controversial mayoral race took place on Staten Island, where Republican Vito Vosella, who was considered the favorite given the active Republican presence on the island, defeated Democrat Mark Murphy and Conservative Party member Letizia M. Rimauro, Despite the secret family scandal.

In the Bronx, Congresswoman Vanessa Gibson is poised to go down in history as the first black woman to hold the position, beating Democrat-turned-Republican Samuel Ravello. In Queens, Donovan Richards defeated Republican and Conservative party rival Thomas J. Zmich for the ceremonial position. The race for Manhattan Borough President went to Councilman Mark Levine over Republican candidate Luis Poliavito. In Brooklyn, Councilman Antonio Renoso beat out Menachem M. Wrightport, and is now on the cusp of becoming Brooklyn’s first Dominican borough president.

In Manhattan, Alvin Bragg was elected as Manhattan’s first Black District attorney. In Brooklyn, current DA Eric Gonzalez ran unchallenged (and he is Looking forward to running to the Attorney General of the State of New York).

The statewide ballot proposals are still hanging in the air at this time. Drafted by the Democratic majority in the state legislature, the proposals look forward to making changes to the redistricting process, expanding access to voting, introducing a clean air and water provision, and expanding the judicial reach of the New York City civil court system.

Check back here for more results on the major races in this year’s election.