El Pollo Loco launched the first online merchandise store – Press Enterprise

El Pollo Loco began selling Southern California culture as well as flame-roasted chicken.

The Costa Mesa-based express service chain has launched what it calls the first online merchandise store that sells T-shirts, T-shirts, hats, shorts and bags.

Loco Gifts and Gear will open to loyalty club members today, December 2, and become publicly available at midnight, according to a press release.

The chain says that the merchandise reflects “LA Mix Roots,” which means, “The SoCal lifestyle meets Mexican heritage.”

The products were created by three local designers.

Mural designer David Flores created a surfboard with a lucha libre wrestler as well as an image of a smiling woman with yellow flowers in her braided hair for T-shirts and bags.

Surfer Rick Massie, a Venice Beach native, created blue and yellow designs with surfboards and palm trees as a tribute to his hometown.

Manny Silva, owner of the Mannys Bike Shop in Compton, has created black and gold T-shirts and sweatshirts that celebrate low-level culture.

Information: LocoGiftsAndGear.comAnd elpolloco.com/rewards

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