Ed Sheeran Elton John bought a giant marble rod

“It’s really big; it’s beautifully made.”

What would you buy for a man who has everything? A giant marble rod, apparently.

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Elton John He just revealed that this is exactly what his longtime friend is Ed Sheeran I did it on his last birthday.

“We’ve been friends for years because I’m used to managing it,” Elton explained. “…we’re really good friends and we practice and play tricks on each other.” hit 109.9 Carrie and Tommy Shaw.

He continued, “For my birthday this year, he gave me a giant marble rod… It’s really big; it’s beautifully made. It’s solid marble.”

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While Elton doesn’t know exactly why Ed chose the gift, he joked that it was probably because “I’ve always been a prick.”

When asked if the statue was on display in his home, Elton said he had to keep it out of sight because of his young children.

“I suggested to David [Furnish] I have to put it in the garden. And he said, “No, we have kids,” Elton explained.

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He noted that the marble artwork is “now hidden in an area of ​​the house” where “children will not see it”.

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Hear everything Elton said Here.

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