EastEnders star Shawna McGarty splits from fiancé and gets suspended from soap

Shauna McGarty is best known for playing Whitney Dean in EastEnders and the actress says she is “lucky” to work on the soap after some ups and downs.

Shauna McGarty, 28, has been an EastEnders favorite for years since joining the soap as Whitney Dean in 2008.

Her character has had to grapple with many dramatic incidents as her personal life in the real world has seen some ups and downs.

In 2012, EastEnders bosses told Shauna, who was 20 years old at the time, that she would get into trouble if she didn’t improve on timekeeping.

She was given a month’s hold without pay of soap after repeatedly showing up to be late.

The Borehamwood native has also been fined around £3,000 to cover overtime costs for the crew when viewers are late.

However, she seems to have learned her lesson, and upon her return to work, she said she would rein in her nights out.

Shone McGarty is best known for playing Whitney Dean on EastEnders


BBC / Kieron Macaron / Jack Barnes)

“I realize how lucky I am,” she said after the comment.

“I’ll stay inside now. I’ll try to be good. It’s like a big EastEnders family.”

“I’m going to buy one of those big old alarm clocks with bells on them!”

And last year, the actress surprised fans when she shared that she had secretly broken up with electric lover Ryan Harris.

She admitted that they estranged from each other when chatting to the Daily Star in 2020 and made it clear that they weren’t supposed to be.

“Nothing bad happened, it was all very friendly,” Shauna told the outlet. “We’ve been together for a long time, but it wasn’t supposed to be like that.”

The actress has gone through some ups and downs in her private life



She secretly broke up with her fiance, Rhea Harris



The talented star also revealed that despite her split from Ryan in 2019, she wasn’t – at the time – ready to move on.

She added, “I’m not ready to date anyone at the moment and I think it’s really important to spend some time with yourself.

“As I get older, it’s refreshing because I don’t care what people think about me anymore. I’m definitely older and wiser.”

The actress, who has played the troubled Whitney since 2008, said she feels “lucky” to have been able to grow up around so many wonderful people while working on EastEnders.

Shauna and Ryan announced their engagement in January 2018.

In 2012, she was suspended for a month from her role as an owner


BBC / Kieron Macaron / Jack Barnes)

At that point, they were together for five years after meeting mutual friends in 2013.

Ryan popped the question to her during her surprise birthday party.

“I turned around and Ryan was on his knees and started crying,” she said at the time.

added to Yes! magazine : “As soon as I knew it was ready [for marriage] I was throwing it away from the smell! ”

They also talked about how they met through friends, and how Ryan had no idea who she was despite her series’ fame.

“It took a while to get used to Shauna in the public eye and it was a shock at the time as a lot of people were coming to Shauna when we were out,” Ryan said.

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