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EastEnders spoilers – baby girl Alyssa’s father revealed

East Enders Spoilers follow.

East Enders It revealed that neither Martin Fowler nor Zack Hudson Alyssa’s father.

In a huge blast aired Monday (November 8), Alyssa’s teen mom Jada revealed to Zack and Sharon Watts that the baby’s father is actually Sharon’s late son Dennis Rickman.

This shocking ending came after more confusion when Jada appeared in the arena to watch Martin and Zack take care of baby Alyssa from a distance.


When the paternity results came out, the two men were shocked to discover that neither of them was actually the father of little Alyssa. This left the question of who is the father of the child wide open.

Before long, Zack and Sharon spot Jada stalking her, and then she chases after her to find out why she’s watching them.

Jada has stated that she is Alyssa’s mother, only to reveal more startling information when Sharon insisted that Jada should not mislead men about being the child’s father.

“I didn’t,” Jada insisted. “I didn’t get a chance to tell my dad.”

Strictly come dance, Jada


When Sharon questioned Alyssa about how that might be possible, Jada declared, “It was Dennis. Dennis is her father.”

Left completely speechless, Duff-Duff starts off with Sharon, trying to process the news that her dead teenage son has given birth to a baby.

Dennis Rickman was killed on soap Last year’s Stunt Week cliffhanger, after he was trapped in a cabin on a party boat that sank and sank before Ian Bell could drag him to the surface.

There appears to be no indication that Denny was in a relationship with anyone at the time of his death. How will Sharon deal with this life-changing news?

Eastenders Sharon and Dennis

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East Enders It airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One.

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