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EastEnders confirm who married Stacy Slater after wife bombshell

EastEnders’ Stacy Slater left her mother Jean stunned during the latest episode of the BBC series, as she confirmed that she is married to a woman.

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Easter: Stacey’s marriage secret revealed

East Enders confirmed the identity of Stacey Slater’s new wife Thursday night, just days after the bombshell she married.

The character told her ex-husband Martin Fowler on Monday that she married while in prison, after preparing to attack Robbie Allen.

Stacy, played by actress Lacey Turner, returned to Albert Square this week — while actress Lacey was on maternity leave.

But her marriage bombshell left viewers speculating who she had tied the knot with, while Stacey didn’t tell anyone in her family about her big news.

Thursday saw the identity of her new partner confirmed, and her mother Jan Slater was shocked to learn that she had married a woman named Eve.

EastEnders confirmed the identity of Stacey Slater’s new wife Thursday night

Eve was recently mentioned by BBC Soap, as someone associated with Stacey since his time in prison.

Thursday night’s episode confirmed that Eve was in fact Stacey’s wife, while full details have yet to be confirmed.

Stacy was visited by the probation officer to make sure she had a job and a place to live after her time indoors.

But after Suki Banesar declared war on the family and alerted the officer that some evasiveness had taken place, they became concerned.

EastEnders’ Stacy Slater was left dazed by her mother, Jane, during the final episode of the BBC series.



It is then that they tell Stacey that she needs to sort it out, especially for the sake of her new wife, Eve.

Jean was confused and asked who Eve was, as Stacey looked very embarrassed before confirming the truth.

She said: I married my mother. Eve is my wife.

The episode ended with a complete shocker with Jean, while more will be revealed in the story during Friday’s episode.

Jean was confused and asked about Eve, as Stacy looked so embarrassed


BBC / Kieron Macaron / Jack Barnes)

East Enders Executive Producer John Sin He mocked Eve’s arrival at The Mirror in August, referring to the presence of some big things on the way for the husband.

John told us, “Stacy’s coming back and that’s going to be huge too. She’s coming back from prison, you know, she went to jail after a false accusation from Robbie.

“You’ll be back with someone you met inside in the form of a new character called Eve, played by Heather Pace.

“We’re really excited about her and what that friendship is going to be, that they came back after sharing the prison experience that brought them together in a very unique kind of friendship, so that’s really exciting.”

EastEnders broadcasts on Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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