Eamonn Holmes’ hilarious ‘hamster’ remark is infuriating this morning’s viewers once again

TV gifts Eamonn Holmes Viewers of This Morning split opinion after a guest was mistakenly compared to a hamster.

t is now his second animal-related gaffe on the show this month after he apologized for saying another guest had hair like an alpaca.

During part of Tuesday’s program, Mr. Holmes and his co-showrunner wife Ruth Langsford were discussing plastic surgery with guest Anastasia and Dr. Stephen Harris.

By sharing a photo before and after surgery, Anastasia explained why she doesn’t like her former “ugly” look.

Mr. Holmes asked: “Just looking at them, what’s wrong with this lady on the left? Who were you?”

She replied: I was not my face. It was like a hamster…My cheek is here and now I have a skinny face. “

Putting things in the wrong direction, Mr. Holmes said: “So, would you like to look like a hamster?”


Anastasia this morning on Wednesday

Anastasia, after being surprised, replied, “No, no. I think I was like a hamster because my cheeks were here, and now I have that line.”

Anastasia went on to explain that her radically changed appearance included Botox and fillers in her lips, cheeks, jawline, and chin.

Giving his medical opinion, Dr Harris said he was concerned she had gone too far and had been “overtreated”.

Holmes’ mistake left viewers deeply divided on Twitter, with some seeing the funny side while others berated him for being “rude” to his guest.

One said he was “disgusted” by the “rude and obscene” comments.

Another viewer asked, “Why is Eamonn Holmes being so rude? What you’re doing to her face is her own business?”

In turn, someone said, “I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment this morning when you asked your guest if she liked looking like a hamster! I laughed all day long.”

Earlier this month, Holmes apologized after Dr. Zoe Williams said the contributor had alpaca-like hair.

It caused a backlash on social media, with one viewer saying, “Just a normal day on ITV and ThisMorning with Eamonn Holmes telling a woman to color her hair” reminds him of an alpaca. Nothing you see here.”

The presenter later issued an apology on Twitter saying he was “offended” for causing the offense.

“Hello everyone. If I misjudged my attempt to be funny with my friend DrZoeWilliams, I am appalled and humbly apologize to anyone who has been offended.”

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