Eagles vs. Giants: predictions, betting odds and more for the 12th week

The Eagles are about to open a batch of matches that fans have been demanding all season.

After facing juggernauts like the Chiefs, Chargers and Buccaneers earlier this season — and having to deal with midway teams like the Raiders, 49ers, Broncos and Saints — the Eagles finally got the teams sucking.

Sunday’s game in North Jersey is the first of five games against teams with record losing records. The Giants have been so bad this season, whether injuries, poor training or a tough schedule are the culprit, and Philly should be favored this season as Daniel Jones hopes to get things back on track.

Will they have (a very strange shape) revenge on their minds, as they look to beat the Eagles – who may or may not have landed in Week 17 last season, allowing Washington to beat New York in a playoff? Will they prove to be a threat to the Eagles’ renewed adoration for powerful football, running the ball all over their opponents as they have in the past four or five weeks?

We’ll find out on Sunday. In the meantime, here’s a look at how our writers see this Eagles vs. giants The game is played outside..

• game information •

week 12

Eagles (5-6) vs. Giants (3-7)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)

broadcast information

TV: Fox (Adam Amin and Mark Schliereth)
radio: 94.1 WIP (Meryl Reese and Mike Quick)

betting lines

the book diffusion money line Total
kings PHI -3.5 PHI -164
New York +145
Vandel PHI -3.5 PHI -189
New York +158
UniBet PHI -3.5 PHI -172
New York +150
BetMGM PHI -3.5 PHI -175
New York +150

• predictions •

Jimmy Kempsky

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2021 record: 7-4

pick or pick: Eagles 35, Giants 20

Joe Judge wanted this game so badly that he waited until this week to release offensive coordinator Jason Jarrett. Did not matter. They could clone Bill Walsh, and even he still wouldn’t have a way to hide the giants’ brutal attack line.

The Eagles should dominate this game in the trenches, especially on the offensive side of the ball, where their rushing attack rolls in.

There will likely be a lot of green in the seats at MetLife this Sunday, and the Birds must pick a home away from their land.

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Evan Messi

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2021 record: 9-2

pick or pick: Eagles 30, Giants 20

Giants don’t have much to scare me and they should only be 3.5 pips bigger dogs. Their QB heart, skill players can’t stay healthy, they don’t have a coherent offensive plan, their backstrap has knee issues and there’s no offensive line to spoil behind, and defense is great.

Eagles have a lot of flaws, but I don’t think you’ll see a lot of warts popping up in this one. These birds should be on hand before some of the giants’ litter time stats in the fourth quarter. Take the Eagles here for cover.

Matt Mullen

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2021 record: 7-4

Pick: Eagles 31, Giants 20

Who would have thought back in August that at any point this year the Eagles would claim a third straight win – with a fourth likely next week – as they prepare to face both teams in New York in the rematch to – weeks before farewell? Certainly not me. But here we are, with the Eagles favorites on the road ahead of the 3-7 Giants, who are out in a short week and just fired their offensive coordinator.

This is a game that the Eagles absolutely must win, as they have made a living dominating the trenches in recent weeks. On the offensive side, this not only opened up the running game and turned this team into one of the best fast NFL attacks, but it also gave Galen Hurts time to sit in the pocket and make throws when he needed to, something he did so much better than saving early in the game. Several plays earlier this season. On the defensive side of the ball, it allowed them to chase after the midfielder and make big passes from the turnovers.

And now, they face the Giants with a chance of hitting .500 per season and taking their sixth win, which means it’s time for me to apologize for selling off this team so big at the start of the year. I expected them to win only six matches. Now I think they’ll have that number by Sunday night. And with the schedule ahead of them, who knows how many by the time the season ends. Will it be enough to enter the playoffs? With so many teams vying for wild card positions, we’ll see. But if they continue to play this way, whether they enter or not, it will be hard not to call this season a success.

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Eitan Chander

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2021 record: 5-6

pick or pick: Eagles 34, Giants 14

Eagles soar and giants rushing. Simply. The Eagles have a game plan to defeat the bad teams and so far they are working on playing. Once the Eagles establish a lead, it becomes difficult for bad quarterbacks to come back against the Birds. Vultures run down the cliffs and down your throat – adding to one of the game’s toughest encounters with Jalen Hurts. What will the giants do? Run over all the eagles with Saquon Barkley? The Giants just kicked out their offensive coordinator and were blown away by the Bucs. If ever there was a time to double your kid’s college savings, this is the game.

John McMullen

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2021 record: 9-2

pick or pick: Eagles 27, Giants 18

Things have been showing up on the Eagles over the past few weeks with both Denver and New Orleans in a rut. This week he returned to the NFC East and the dysfunctional New York Giants, who decided to go down the path of scapegoating and offensive shooting coordinator Jason Garrett after an ugly offensive performance in “Monday Night Football” against Tampa Bay. What that accomplishes in a short week is anyone’s guess, but former Cleveland coach Freddy Kitchens is expected to take over the call-up process in an effort to assess what’s going on with Daniel Jones in the middle. It could be Garrett, Kitchens, or Bill Walsh calling the plays and nothing would change without improved offensive linear play by the Giants.

Defensively, New York played a lot of areas overall but that would actually help against Galen Hurts because the Eagles’ sophomore QB can hurt you on the run if you turn your back as a defender. It remains to be seen if Philadelphia can continue its recent running game, but Nick Siriani’s attack will make enough explosive plays to make sure the Giants can’t match it.

New York made things easier for the surprise Eagles who should rise again to 0.500 by Sunday afternoon.

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