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Eagles-Giants injury report with analysis

The Philadelphia Eagles are a relatively healthy team after 11 games. The New York Giants are a little more smitten, but they’re not in terrible shape either.

Here’s the Eagles-Giants injury report with analysis. We’ll update as the week progresses.

Nada Al-Sananiya 2020

Wednesday report:

player infection *married Thursday Friday condition
DT Fletcher Cox break DNP
RB Jordan Howard knee DNP
CB Darius Slaughter concussion DNP
LB Sean Bradley neck Limited
RT Lynn Johnson break Limited
c Jason Kelsey break Limited
de josh sweet knee Limited

*Wednesday’s practice was a walkthrough. Injury ratings are predictions.

Wednesday: no surprises.

Notable players in IR, PUP, Commentary, etc.

Written by Brandon Graham (IR): Graham’s season ended with an Achilles tear. On the pitch, Graham is arguably the Eagles’ best defensive player in 2020. It’s clear since his loss that the Eagles have missed his passing and running stopper contributions, and the Eagles have not been able to adequately replace him. Off the field, Graham has unlimited energy and positivity, and he’s a player you’d only want to be around if you were a head coach in the NFL.

RG Brandon Brooks (IR): Brooks suffered a chest injury against the 49ers. It’s “only” a pectoral strain, as opposed to a rip, so while time (about 8 weeks, per Lynne Johnson) would likely be lost in injured reserve, it wasn’t initially thought of as a season-ending injury. Brooks was injured in the second week, so the eleventh week was 9 weeks. Nick Siriani was asked several times about Brooks’ potential comeback, but no useful information was provided.

LG Isaac Seumalo (IR): Seumalo was sent off the field in the Eagles’ loss to the Cowboys. His season ended after he had surgery for Lisfranc’s injury.

LB Davion Taylor (IR): Taylor has started his last six games for the Eagles. He had his best game as a professional in Denver Week 10, when he forced a pair of fumbles against the Broncos, one of which was brought back for a touchdown by Darius Sly. Taylor was drafted as a raw prospect from Colorado during the 2020 NFL draft, and while he still had ways to go as a professional full-back, he made positive strides during the 2021 season. He was replaced in the lineup by Alex Singleton against the Saints.

051020 Giants Logo 2020

Wednesday report:

player infection *married Thursday Friday condition
DB Nate Ebner knee DNP
FB Colin Gelaspia hurry DNP
T Kyle Rudolph ankle DNP
WR Sterling Shepherd Quad DNP
T Caden Smith knee DNP
WR Kadarius Toney Quad DNP
RP Saquon Barclay ankle Limited
Lorenzo Carter ankle Limited
CB Adore Jackson Quad Limited
WR John Ross Quad Limited

Wednesday: Tony’s injury quartet is worth watching all week.

Notable players in IR, PUP, Commentary, etc.

LB Blake MartinezMartinez is an entering machine whose season is over after suffering an ACL tear. From 2017 to 2020, Martinez averaged 148.5 passes per season.

Blake Martinez interventions NFL Rank
2017 144 T-1
2018 144 2
2019 155 2
2020 151 3

His absence in front of a hasty attack is not ideal.

Gabriel S . pepper: Pepper is a safety start for giants. Torn anterior cruciate ligament, done for the season. 91 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 1 IQ in 2020. He was replaced in the starting lineup by Julian Love.

C Nick Gates: The Gates was the starting center for the Giants to start the season. He suffered a horrific broken leg in his second week in Washington, and his season ended. The current starting position is Billy Price, whom the Giants have traded for the near final cuts.

LG Shin Limiu: Lemieux started the season as the starting LG player, but his season ended after he underwent surgery to repair a torn patellar tendon in his knee. His replacement initially was Gates, who held the LG position with Price taking charge, but with Gates’ season also winding down, Matt Skura had to fill his place at the LG.

WR Dante Pettis: In three games with the Giants this year, Pettis has hit 10 hits on 16 goals for 87 yards and a TD.

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