EA wants the next battlefield game to be a hero shooter.

The EA reportedly plans to turn the next major battlefield game into a hero shooter, industry insider Tom Henderson claimed on Friday. Insiders said Battlefield 2042, which introduced the experts – each of the playable characters with their own unique gameplay abilities – was supposed to act as a “step-by-step” approach to this rumored project.

Henderson wrote on Twitter, “The next battlefield title sphere is as a hero shooter – it’s not about removing experts, it’s about increasing them.” Insiders advised people to take their claims with a grain of salt, as development sports projects are always open to change. However, he also said that he did not see this aspect of the project changing.

The news follows a major shift in DICE and EA on Thursday, which saw several major players within the two companies change their positions. It was reported that DICE’s GM Oskar Gabrielson would step down, while Respawn’s Vince Zampella would be the new head of the Battlefield franchise. In addition, it was claimed that Marcus Lehto – a key figure in the development of the Hello series – would head a new studio in Seattle with the aim of “[expand] Opportunities for narrative, storytelling and character development in the Battlefield series.

Outside of the Bad Company sub-series, Battlefield is rarely known for its characters, much less its campaigns or storytelling. DICE’s choice to go on a battlefield 2042 with personality-oriented experts over traditional classes has already drawn criticism from fans who wanted the franchise to return to its roots. If Henderson’s claim proves true, it looks like it won’t happen anytime soon.

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