As the owner of an e-commerce site, you want to turn your website visitors into customers. Of course, you also want their shopping experience to be as quick and easy as possible! But do you know what it means when your site visitors start to click off your site? That means several hundreds of precious ad dollars off your pocket, too!

That is why it is important to pay attention to your ecommerce website’s web design. With good web design, it is easy to turn website visitors into customers and get them to avail of the products and services that you offer. Without good web design, you cannot expect them to stay any longer on your website and learn more about your offers. No matter how great you think your
online advertisements are, if your web design is not optimized for sales, you are on the losing end.

In this post from an
ecommerce web design agency in Brisbane
, we will give you a rundown of some tips you can use to make a good first impression on your website visitors.

Keep your e-commerce site consistent with your brand

Look at your website. Does its design match your products and correspond with your brand? Remember, your e-commerce site does not only exist to provide a venue to sell your products and
services. It is also a huge part of your brand’s identity! That is why when designing your website, it is imperative that you create that unique feeling for your products and effectively communicate all the values that you want them to represent. Unless your e-commerce site reflects your unique brand identity, you cannot expect it to stand out from the crowd.

Always keep your website visitors in mind

When designing your e-commerce site, it pays to consider it as an actual store that needs to make the best first impression to potential customers. This is basically why every single detail of your site should be directed towards influencing your website visitors to purchase your products or avail of your services. By keeping your website visitors in mind when you create your product pages, choose your product images, and set up your contact forms, it will become easier for your e-commerce site to serve its very purpose—which is to turn your web visitors into customers and to turn your customers into repeat buyers!

Be upfront about pricing

Lying to your customers is an easy recipe for disaster. Especially if you are just starting out with your business, you cannot underestimate the importance of honesty in dealing with customers. “Honesty is the best policy” may sound a bit too cliché, but you need to take this to heart when designing your e-commerce website. And how do you do it? By making sure you are always upfront about the prices of your products and services and that you do not deliberately bury them on pages of your website that are difficult to find. Remember, the more you hide information from your customers, the more they will end up feeling deceived. Nobody wants to feel that way.

Make your website easy to digest

You know, your e-commerce site does not necessarily have to have that dramatic design to keep your website visitors engaged. In fact, contrary to popular belief that websites have to look as sophisticated as possible, a good and effective e-commerce website is that which shouts minimalism. Instead of making your web design too complex and flashy to digest, why not make it clean and refined enough so as not to distract your target customers? To make your e-commerce website look easy on the eyes and spacious, avoid overloading it with information and filling it with a wide range of products. If you do that, you run the risk of your potential buyers not understanding or appreciating your online store.

Utilize a view cart button

Ever noticed that little shopping cart icon on the top right corner of most e-commerce websites? You should have that on your website, too. With that button, your web visitors can easily view the products they have added to their carts. And not only that—it has been proven to boost conversion rates! This e-commerce website element is so important so you need to make sure it is easily recognizable on your site—even as easy to recognize as the shopping carts piled up at the entrance of a grocery store! To make it recognizable, make it relatively larger than the other buttons on your website. You can even use a bright color to make it stand out from the background!

Use quality photos

You know what online shoppers hate the most? It’s when they cannot view the items in person before they purchase them. One of the best ways to ease this pain point is by using quality photos on your e-commerce website. When you use high-quality product images that your website visitors can easily click through, you boost your chances of make a sale. It is also best to incorporate that popular pop-up box feature, which lets web visitors zoom in on your products so they can see their fine details. Don’t underestimate the importance of high-resolution photos, because any blurriness or pixilation would only turn your potential customers away.

Add some beauty

Just because your website has to be simple and easy to digest doesn’t mean you have to totally put attractiveness on the back burner. If they find the layout of your e-commerce website unattractive and devoid of personality, chances are they will find your online store boring to even keep browsing. While beauty is a subjective thing, you have to make sure that your e-commerce website offers that perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. After all, web design is not only about how your website functions, but how it looks as well. In a platform where thousands of websites are selling pretty much the same
products, offering a competitive price is not always the way to go. Sometimes, you also have to rely on a website that is pretty enough to captivate web visitors.

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