Dwayne Johnson Gives His Pickup Truck Away From Shocked Veteran – Deadline

Dwayne Johnson He posted a video of him yesterday surprising an assembled audience to watch his hit Netflix Movie, red notice, on the big screen. Johnson’s provided free perks, shoes, tequila, energy drinks, and ice cream for everyone.

He later wrote, “I also wanted to do something big…something massive…something memorable for a fan.”

At the front of the hall he told the audience that he had something more special in store for one of them.

“There is a man here, I read his story and I was really moved by his story. I want to shine a light on him,” Johnson told the crowd. “His name is Oscar Rodriguez.”

Rodriguez on the floor lunged forward and received a big hug from the star. That wasn’t all he got.

Johnson went to deliver Rodriguez himself It’s a wonderful life The moment you say, “Your story really touched me.” The star then read about Rodriguez’s laundry list of good things in the world: He takes care of his 75-year-old mom. It is a personal trainer that helps people get back in shape. He is a leader in his church. Provides support and meals to women victims of domestic violence. He’s a Navy veteran and, perhaps most importantly, a good human being.

The veteran warrior said, “I am only speechless, I feel very relieved.” Then he told Johnson that he follows him on Instagram.

This part is key, because when the superstar drove Rodriguez outside to check out his custom and backed truck in the parking lot, Rodriguez realized it from social media: “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this truck!”

“He. She He is My truck,” the star said to him, “and now it’s your truck! “

As Rodriguez began to cry, Johnson told him, “You do so much good for people, brother. The gym. The church. Your mother. Women. Women who need that support. Who goes through it.”

Why his own truck? Johnson explained that he originally wanted to give the vet a Porsche.

“My original idea was to give up the Porsche Taycan, which I drive in the movie, red notice. So we contacted Porsche, but they said no.” So Johnson reached into his pocket.

Johnson later wrote: “Oscar said it right, before he flew away…it’s just love.” “That’s all brother. Just love. Go enjoy your new truck dude and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!”

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