Dukes Ex Gender Exchange lets you play the whole game as a woman.

The cover art of the Le De Denton Project.

Image: Lee Denton.

Of Lee Denton. Mode There is a huge project that takes the original. Davis ex And lets you play the whole thing, not as a complete cyber punk. Dude, every single one of them is cyber punk. Woman instead.

If you think that this means just exchanging a fast character model, you can’t go beyond the truth. This is the place Wide, And as a result changes are being made throughout the game:

The Le De Denton project was started to complete an important feature from the original game. The ability to choose the gender of the main character Although a model swap and a voice plugin can make a cheap face, we felt it would be severely inadequate. Immersion Davis is a key feature of the former experience, and will be sabotaged by half-enforced woman JC Denton. Either we fix it or we shouldn’t worry.

This is our best effort.

The Mood team has designed this project around four key principles. She is a voice actor (each of Denton’s 1700 line dialogues has been redesigned by a new voice actor), redesigned NPC (to better reflect their potential relationship with a female protagonist). For), a new player model (which has sound effects. Recorded, and which is half a head smaller than the original) and, perhaps most impressively, to re-dig into the game and edit the conscience. Promise The whole thing, Changing every “she” to “she”, and every “boy” to “girl”.

It’s just a huge amount of money for a mode, but as he said, there’s no point in doing it unless it’s right, and he’s definitely done it here.

Here’s an example of acting and rewriting in action with a trailer:

While for fans wondering about some of the more memorable lines of dialogue from the original, here it is:

If you are interested, you can download the mode. Here.


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