Driver in custody an hour after chasing through Los Angeles – NBC Los Angeles

A driver is in custody after escorting Los Angeles Police Department deputies on an extended chase through several cities in a box truck Thursday night.

On Thanksgiving night, LASD sets out to find a box truck in the Carson District.

The driver drove the deputies through several cities including Long Beach, Willowbrook and Watts and finally stopped at Compton.

The driver of the box truck often stops or slows down before speeding up again.

Once a driver found himself in a small alley where another driver of a white car was coming in the opposite direction.

The chasing driver rushed toward the other car, forcing them to back off the small one-way lane, allowing them to escape and continue the chase.

Throughout the chase, the driver was seen crashing into the rear vehicle of the MPs behind them, even driving toward the MP standing outside the patrol car, almost missing them.

At around 9:45 pm, white smoke was seen coming from the right side of the car which turned out to be missing a tire.

There were sparks flying from the car that was going over the edge after losing the right rear tyre.

As the chase continued, the driver went to a Target mall and then another Walmart mall.

The car stopped near Atlantic and Elondra Streets outside El Rancho Mobile Home Park in Compton.

The driver remained in the car with the door open and waited for a while before trying to escape.

Representatives arrested the driver and detained him after about an hour of chasing.


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