Dr.. Dre and Exzibit share a message about their divorce drama

Dr. Dre And XzibitThey’ve gotten to the “healing and moving forward” part of their divorce journeys and they have the shirts to prove it.

The 47-year-old rapper, 56-year-old producer and Looks like it’s bond On moving on from their failed marriages. In the images shared by Xzibit, The The former “Pimp My Ride” host is seen wearing an NWA-inspired T-shirt with the letters “NWD” on one side, short for “N*** az Wit Divorces,” while Dre poses with him flexing the alternate side “Straight Marriage Outta.”

Dr. Dre (left) and Xzibit (right) focus on the future while dealing with the drama of divorce.  (Photo: @xzibit/Instagram)

Dr. Dre (left) and Xzibit (right) focus on the future while dealing with the drama of divorce. (Photo: @xzibit/Instagram)

“Man, here we are healing and moving forward. #NWD #NiggazWitDivors

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The post title reads.

Xzibit’s ex-wife, Krista Joiner, has filed for divorce from the “8 Mile” actor after six years of marriage and decades of dating. Nicole Young, wife of Beats By Dre creator, filed for divorce in June 2020, citing “irreconcilable differences” after 24 years of marriage. Although Dr. Dre’s divorce has not yet been legally finalized, the court declared the producer legally unmarried in June 2021 during battles over finances and assets. continue.

Fans were tickled to see friends and collaborators keeping their spirits up middle The drama of their divorce.

“Men should heal too [laughing with tears emoji] [laughing with tears emoji] Love her”

“They were definitely problems [laughing with tears emoji] [cracking up with tears emoji]”

How do men have divorce parties?

(From left) An unknown friend, Xzibit, and Dr. Dre.  @xzibit / Instagram

(From left) An unknown friend, Xzibit, and Dr. Dre. @xzibit / Instagram

Singer Keyshia Cole even walked in, asking to send a tee on her way after 2020 final touches Her divorce from Danielle Gibson. “Send me, thanks in advance

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Xzibit Reps for “NWD” @xzibit/Instagram

Xzibit Reps for “NWD” @xzibit/Instagram

In true “moving forward” fashion, both Dr. Dre and Xzibit have been spotted with fresh boos during the divorce process. The former was emotional linked With reality TV star April Jones, while the latter shares his photos and the mysterious woman who kept them for him “happy.”

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