Download free PC games to claim from Epic Games Store, Steam, Amazon and more in July

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Download free PC games to claim from Epic Games Store, Steam, Amazon and more in July

Download it: There are lots of free games to check out online, but you may need a little more to find what you’re looking for. Well, this list did a lot for you. Free titles that range from indie gems to age classics are right here for you to jump into ASAP. Check out this limited time free game for July.

If the lack of recent notable releases has left you thirsty for something to play while wandering off the scorched waste of this AAA game-drought, check out this list for freebies this month. Helping to update. Looking beyond the safety of new release sections, we’ve managed to eliminate a wide range of free titles for you to enjoy.

If you’re wondering how the free games business works, here’s a brief overview.

Free at the Epic Games Store

On the next page of the Epic Games Store, scroll to the free games highlighted below and proceed to checkout as usual. This list is updated once a week, and sometimes for events. Check in from time to time for some more free stuff.

Waterfall – Free until July 22

From the creators of MySpace, Object is a sci-fi adventure through the alien world. An exciting environment envelops you as you solve puzzles and find your way home.

Off World Trading Company – Free until July 22

In this realistic strategy game, you build an enterprise to accumulate and sell resources in the rigid Martin landscape. It has daily challenges, multiplayer, and a campaign mode that offers a lot of game returns if it’s the type of game you’re interested in.

Defense Grid: Awareness – July 22-29

Defense Grid is a tower defense game where players are tasked with defending the base from aliens who feel cold with laser guns. Sometimes the simplest cover can be so cute!

Warden – July 22-29

Warden thinks about the history of the game about the Great War, which aims to give a realistic experience to the new routine of high-speed action. It seems to have made a difference in following online fans.

Free games in GOG

There is a stable selection of freebies here on the GOG website. In addition, they periodically offer promotions as below.

The Witcher: Enhanced Version – Free with GOG Galaxy Download

If you’re reading this list, chances are you haven’t heard of The Witcher 3 since 2015, a critically acclaimed Open World RPG. The game that ended the whole series.

Download and sign in to the GOG Galaxy Desktop Client, or create an account if you don’t already have one. The first thing you will see next should be the most important page, where you can catch the viewer.


You don’t want to see these games in the Steam store. Don’t worry, we’ll show you the right stones to turn around. There are also many games on Steam that are always free, but we are here to chase the dragon of limited time offers.

Infinite space accumulation

Endless Space is a sci-fi strategy game where you control a spacecraft as it battles hidden secrets and resources from an ancient civilization called Infinity. The game is available through a promotion that involves linking your Steam account to another platform.

Go to the Games 2 page, and see the quick registration process. Once the link expires, you’ll be prompted to link to your Steam account. Next, check your rewards (current icon, top right of the G2G page) and here’s the code for the infinite space and its DLC.

Dream at night – unless all the limited codes are claimed for free

In Sega Saturday 1996’s 1996 remake of this 1996 title, you will be exploring, gathering and fighting a colorful and amazing world.

You will not claim this offer through the Steam store. Instead, head to Sega’s 60th Anniversary website and register your email. You will then be asked to select a platform, where you will select the Steam icon and sign in to link to your Steam account. Then check your email from time to time to retrieve the code and add the game to your account.

Amazon Prime Gaming

You may not be aware of it, but it does include a prime gaming subscription with an annual subscription to Amazon Prime. Claim is a revolving title on the Prime Gaming homepage. In most games, it’s as easy as hitting the “claim” button. You can then launch it at your leisure from the Amazon Games app. So, although they are not technically free, many people have already paid for these games and are not yet aware of it.

All of these offers will be available on August 2.

Batman Inside the enemy

More Batman Than People Behind Batman: The Taillet Series. You “when!” And “Get it!” Fly off the screen – instead you’ll be tracking down the Capped Crusader, trying to stop Rudler from getting as many Gautam citizens as possible into S-Aski barriers.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

In a remake of the 90’s classic of the same name, Escape of the Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure, thickened with silly and charming characters. It is very respectable and definitely downloadable.

Other notable games on Prime

  • Portal dogs
  • RAD
  • Car maker
  • Wanderer: Franken Stein’s animal
  • Tales of the Ocean is a platform for little boys. If you’re interested in seeing small projects, or looking for gems from future industry players, check here. The following games are now free and downloadable due to their popularity rating on the store.

  • Logic Game Game 2021
  • Paying respect
  • Planet NME
  • Possible, potential
  • Pizza boy
  • Counter Objective 2: New operation
  • Stick runner
  • Space piercer
  • Smuggler
  • The Curse of the Jaguars

I hope all of you on this list are helped to endure some of the suffering that comes with the release of the gray-scale AAA shooters. If you enjoy something, don’t forget to consider supporting other games from these developers.

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